Water Transport System in India

Water Transport System in India

Learn important National Waterways of India for SSC and other competitive examinations. GK Geography Notes for upcoming exams like SSC CGL, SBI PO, SBI Clerk, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk with expected questions.

Important Points:

✦ Waterways are an important mode of transport for both passenger and cargo traffic in India.

✦ It is the cheapest means of transport and is most suitable for carrying heavy and bulky material.

✦ It is a fuel-efficient and eco-friendly mode of transport.

✦ The water transport is of two types–

(a) inland waterways, and

(b) oceanic waterways.

National Waterways:

For giving a important place to internal navigation in national trans­portation system and for development of internal waterways, the government has declared four important waterways as national water ways.

1. National Waterway No. 1

✦ It is developed on the Ganga-Bhagirathi and Hooghly system from Allahabad to Haldia which is 1,620 km long.

✦ It was selected in October 1986.

✦ It begins from the confluence of Ganga and Yamuna rivers in Allahabad and joins with Ghaghra and Kosi rivers in the North and Sone River in the South.

✦ Farakka barrage has been constructed over it.

2. National Waterway No. 2

✦ It extends from Sadiya to Dhubri up to 891 km in river Brahmaputra.

✦ It was selected in September 1988.

✦ Devang and Lohit rivers meet Brahmaputra near Sadiya and before Dhubri the famous river Manas of Assam joins it from the North.

✦ The world famous Mujoli river island is located in this waterway.

✦ After this waterway, Brahmaputra River enters into Bangladesh.

3. National Waterway No. 3

✦ It has been developed in the western side of Kerala.

✦ It extends from Champakar canal and Udyog Mandal canal and up to Kolam-Kotapuram portion of West Coast Canal.

✦ It was declared as the national waterway No. 3 in February 1993.

4. National Waterway No.4

✦ This waterway extends from Kakinada to Marakkanam in Krishna-Godavari Rivers up to 1100 km.

✦ Apart from it, 10 other internal waterways have been identified for internal navigation.

✦ Special study has been made of Godavari, Sunderban, Krishna, Barak and Brahmani rivers.

✦ East Coast canal and Damodar Valley Authority canal etc.

✦ The studies report them as feasible.

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