Top Useful Idioms and Phrases or Vocabulary for SSC CGL and Bank Exams!


    1. Hamstring (Verb) — पंख काटना

Definition: severely restrict the efficiency or effectiveness of.

Synonyms: handicap, constrain, restrict, cripple.

Antonyms: help, support, advice.

Usage: “We were hamstrung by a total lack of knowledge”


    1. Bracing (Adjective) – ताजा और सशक्त

Definition: fresh and invigorating.

Synonyms: invigorating, refreshing, stimulating, energizing, exhilarating, enlivening, reviving.

Antonyms: dull, lax, sluggard, nerveless, floppy, weary

Usage: ‘Brace’ yourself for some bad news.


    1. Peers (Verb) – साथियों

Definition: look with difficulty or concentration at someone or something.

Synonyms: squint, look closely/earnestly, try to see, look through narrowed eyes, narrow one’s eye

Antonyms: neglect, rival, oppose, superior, stranger, foe, proletarian, enemy, fellah, opponent.

Usage: Faye peered at her with suspicion


    1. Bluster (Verb) – धमकाना

Definition: talk in a loud, aggressive, or indignant way with little effect.

Synonyms: rant, thunder, boast, brag, swagger

Antonyms: calm, deprecate, tranquillity, serenity, order, still, quiet, peace.

Usage: you threaten and bluster, but won’t carry it through




    1. To run away with a lover – Elope


    1. Words of similar meaning – Synonyms



    1. (A) Meniature

     (B) Minieture

     (C) Miniature

     (D) Menieture


    1. (A) Susceptible

     (B) Sussceptible

     (C) Suscceptible

     (D) Susceiptible



    1. A perfect storm

Meaning: The worst possible situation

Example: Some political experts believe a perfect storm of circumstances led to the success of the recall drive.


    1. Add insult to injury

Meaning: To make a bad situation worse

Example: My car broke down in the middle of nowhere, then, to add insult to injury, it started to rain.

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