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When it comes to preparation of competitive exams like IAS, UPSC, SSC, Banking, etc., current affairs play a very important role apart from the other sections like Reasoning, Aptitude, and English. This portion of current affairs can boost up your scores. It can become the deciding factor for your selection in any competitive exam. Time is less and more is to achieve. The preparation of current affairs is less time-consuming. Moreover, it is not a section of cramming. Take it as an interest and then you will be the achiever.

There are some major sources from where you can prepare yourself for current affairs. Those are:

    • Newspapers:- Newspaper is the most effective source of gathering information about what is happening across the globe. Moreover, it is the cheapest resource for information. Building up the habit of reading a reliable newspaper can build up your general knowledge quickly. Choose a reputed newspaper instead of reading local newspapers. These will not help. When you start reading a newspaper, take a quick review of the newspaper in the first 15 minutes and select the important or relevant articles and mark them with a pencil. This will save your lot of time which may be wasted.

The important points to focus on are:

    • Sports events
    • Nobel prizes
    • Prime Minister’s policies
    • Awards
    • Latest achievements

In this article, we have mentioned some quality newspapers that one can choose for the preparation of current affairs for competitive exams. Again, you cannot cram up the news. One has to be up-to-date about the daily social, political, and economic issues or events going around in the country and across the world. This is possible only if you read national as well as international news. Spare at least one hour daily for the newspaper reading and then you need not to cram the names of important personalities, politicians, sportspersons etc. Once you start reading the newspaper daily, you will automatically memorize them. Skip up the Bollywood or Hollywood news as these are not important for the exam. Rather, focus on important international events, socio-economic and political topics, environmental issues, etc. Also, try discussing the news with your family, friends, and close ones as sharing of knowledge will improve your knowledge and general awareness. This will also help you to have something that you missed. Newspapers give maximum detailed information than any other source.

Some good newspapers for the preparation of current affairs are The Hindu, The Indian Express, The Times of India. If you are more comfortable with

current affairs in Hindi today news, you can also opt for some Hindi newspapers like Dainik Jagran and Dainik Bhaskar.

    • News channels:-News channels are another important source of collecting information about the country and around the world. It helps you to get the practical view of the events and the issues going around. Once you visualize the things, it gets stored in some corner of your brain and you manage to memorize them quickly. Again, it is very important to choose a quality news channel and relevant news.

Watch only the important news that can be asked in your exam. Some news channels show the same news most of the time in the day as some hot news cover more TRP. Or they may spend a lot of time in explaining single news. But your focus is on saving your time and cracking the exam. So, your selection of the news topic and news channel is very important. Also, you must be very particular about time management.

In this article, we have mentioned some good news channels that will help you with your current affairs preparation. Keeping your goal in mind, the best news channels one should opt for are DD news, Times now, NDTV and BBC news. The DD news channel telecast daily current affairs followed with the national and international news, business news, sports-related news as well as social and economic news. In the NDTV news channel, NDTV profit covers the entire section of the Indian economy. If you are preparing for banking exams, this will be helpful. The BBC news channel covers international news. Watching the BBC news keeps you updated about international issues and many more.

    • Internet:- The third very important and efficient source for the preparation of current affairs is internet. In this modernized world, almost every person uses the internet. For sure, the one preparing for competitive exams must have provided himself/herself with a smartphone. Using the internet in a positive way helps you improve your general knowledge. You can get daily news updates about events happening around in the world through the internet. If you mismanaged to read the newspaper someday, you can download the e-newspaper app on your smartphone and turn on the notifications.

In spite of all this, you can also focus on the useful websites that help you prepare for government exams like IAS, UPSC, SSC, etc.  the important websites are for Daily Update Current Affairs 2020 Yourclasses . You can practice online with Digibook.

It is an innovative way of education for learners. 

You can also take help of the All India radio if you have a radio on your phone. Every day in the evening, from 8:30 to 9:30, there is news discussion of some important news bulletin. The discussion takes place both in Hindi as well as the English language. This will be really helpful. Latest current affairs 2020 SSC, UPSC, IAS will be available. Current affairs 2020 in Hindi, English are available.

Moreover, you can also keep track of your preparation by giving online tests once a week. The websites mentioned above provide you with online tests too. You will get the best practice questions for all government exams. As it is a saying “Practice makes a man perfect”. You can give tests and have good practice of your previous gained general knowledge. You will manage to get mock test IBPS PO and other exams.

You can also go for some useful apps like Wikipedia, Daily current affairs and GK, Quora – Questions, Answers and more. Moreover, these days everyone uses youtube. There will be a number of videos available on youtube that can help you in your preparation. You can also check for some Best online coaching for government exams. These will be really helpful.

    • Making notes:- Make a habit of writing notes. Your handwritten notes will be really helpful to you during the time when you are preparing to go for your exam. When you read something and write it in your own words, you memorize quickly. Do not overwrite the news. Just fill half a page daily with the important news headlines, the important names, places, issues, etc. Before going for the exam, you can have a quick review of the news for your revision. Your consistent effort will definitely lead you to success.
    • Magazines and Books:- There are various books and magazines that help you keep yourself updated about the daily current affairs. Some of those are



           Economic and Political weekly

           Down to earth

           Current affairs for IAS

Manorama Yearbook

SSC usually asks up to 5 to 6 months of current affairs past your exam day.

SSC CGL 2017 exam asked 3 to 4 questions from current affairs in each exam. This varies from exam to exam and also year to year.

Besides all these preparation techniques, you have to ensure yourself to stay positive and fit. Create interest in current affairs because this is the only way you can happily indulge yourself in the preparation. Moreover, this will help you to grasp the knowledge quickly. Do not compromise with the preparation of other sections too. The combination of five fingers make a hand. So, guide yourself and motivate yourself.

Read Daily Current Affairs 20209Hin/Eng)


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