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This is a very common question among students, they usually ask what is the best exam routine for study how much hours should I give to study and the answer is, it depends on the student.


Every student has its own comfortable working time, some like to get up early and some like to work till late at night.


Even after that, let us consider an exam and discuss how to start preparing for that exam and what is the best routine for study.


Here we took an example of any exam, whether it be SSC CGL of SSC CHSL.


Before preparing any exam, you must have complete knowledge about the syllabus and pattern of that exam also what level of the questions are? Are they tricky? Are they calculative? Do you need to be good in the calculation (you have to be good at calculation start working on that today). Let us consider you’re preparing for SSC CGL, so your first task should be to collect complete knowledge about SSC CGL, its pattern, and course. Take one mock of the past year immediately. That will tell you a complete picture of exactly where you stand. How much you need to improve. 


And here comes most asked Question, should I go for coaching or not?


If you get a good percentile (95-97+) in the mock and are confident that your all concepts are clear and you don’t need coaching. Then you can prepare for yourself. Now all you need is online test series take as many tests as you can.


But coaching has some benefits you may not get by preparing yourself, you will get an idea of the competition after joining that coaching. You will meet different kinds of students and will get an idea where you stand. Most importantly there are definitely some questions you may be doing with long methods and there is an easy way you may never know. You can not find which question is that so at least once you should go through all the syllabus. The topic in which you feel you are very good all the concepts teacher is teaching you already know you can fast forward it.


If you are not in a great position. You should join online coaching because it accelerates you in your preparation. No doubt you will have to study but the path which is shown is pretty clear if you choose the right coach for you. Again, no one can walk on that path by your side you have to walk alone. 


Exam Schedule for SSC

Make a schedule:

Nobody knows you better than yourself so schedule must be made by you do not listen to anyone who is not aware of your potential, your current status, the current situation in preparation. Here are some tasks you should perform but only you can tell what is to be filled in your task.

To make your study more productive, you must have a schedule in which every small detail should be written. You have to make three schedules for your future.


Make a schedule for a day (today).

Make a schedule for a week.

Make a schedule till your exam.

Step 1: Write down all your daily work like eating, sleeping, reading, and social media time, running, gossiping, taking everything to the smallest detail.

Do it, literally write it. This will remind you how much time do you waste in a day. When you do it on a daily basis you will feel guilt for sure. Before going to sleep you when you see that paper you are going to say Oh my God! this is what I waste daily. Improvement will be seen right from next day


Step 2: Write down all the tasks you want to do that day. I recommend you to do the most difficult task in the starting of the day. Because at the time you have maximum energy to complete that task.


Step 3: Mark the tick after completing that task. If you were unable to complete that task, write the reason why you couldn’t finish that task.

(most of the time excuse will be unacceptable so you will not be so happy from you hence you will not make those mistakes further)


Step 4: Calculate your efficiency and productivity. How much work has been done by you?


Step 5: Make a list of all the subjects that you have to study or just keep the examination syllabus in front of you.


It will be easier to create and manage your schedule if you know what you want to achieve at the end. This will also help you identify areas that you need to focus on.


Short-term goals might include finishing a chapter in a day, finishing a paper within a day, or increase your ST percentile in 10 days. For these projects, break up your tasks by day.

Long-term goals might include qualifying the pre of the exam, getting 80-90% marks, or securing a good rank in the exam. For these, break down your goals by week and month to make them more manageable.

Make sure you know exactly how much time you have for each of these goals. Write the end-date down and calculate how many days, weeks, and months are left. For example, what is the deadline for getting a government job?


When you make a proper schedule and work is done in the evening or before 2-3 hours you can feel happiness and use that time to enjoy. The enjoyment will be a lot more than usual. Once you got that you will finish your work automatically you will be motivated by yourself 


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