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In order to achieve any goal in life, it is very important to have an effective plan for it. Similarly, in order to crack an exam, a proper routine is needed for your effective preparation.

In this blog, we will discuss an effective routine for your study.

  •       Stay away from distractions– after making up your mind to crack an exam, you’ll have to escape from distractions. It’s only you who can define your distractions. It can be social media, mobile phones, or games.
  •       Stay committed- Stay committed to your goals and at the end of the day before going to bed, ask yourself- whatever you did today brings you closer to your goal? If the answer is yes, that means you are going in the right direction. If the answer is No, that means you need to work on your routine plan.
  •       Make an Exam Calendar- Sit back, do research, and prepare a calendar that includes all the exams and their respective days which you are thinking to appear for. Stick the calendar in front of your study table. This calendar reminds you of the upcoming exams and helps to make the study plan accordingly.
  •       Make a proper time table- Get the complete syllabus of the exam which is the nearest, and make the time table accordingly. Give maximum time to your weaker subjects, but don’t leave your strong subjects because they are score boosters. Stick the timetable in front of your study table and stick to it religiously.
  •       Your peak time of the study- Know your peak time of the study, that is, the time when you’re most productive and can study in the most effective way for the longest hours. Keep the difficult subjects for those hours. Like this, you can give them more time.
  •       Be consistent- This is very important. If you have made a routine but not following it or doing it sometimes, then it is of no use. You’re just wasting time. So, be consistent.
  •       How much time should you give to study? It is up to you. Your focus should be on quality, not quantity. But, generally, you can give a maximum of ten hours a day, if you’re a student. You can reduce it to six or four hours if you’re working.
  •       From where to prepare? You shouldn’t be completely dependent on any offline coaching center. Make self-study your mantra. Along with self-study, you need guidance as well. Prefer online courses for that. They save time plus they’re available anywhere, anytime. Click here for SBI Clerk Preparation Online and SBI PO Online Coaching.
  •       How to stick to the Routine? For this, your mind should be fresh and stress-free. For that listen to good music, read good books, spend some time with nature and eat healthily. These things not only make you healthy but also activate your mind.
  •       What should be the routine a week prior to the examination? Solve mocks at the beginning of the week, and keep the last two days only for revision [you can make flashcards for it]. Take proper sleep and eat healthily.

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