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[su_heading size=”31″]  SUPERLATIVES WITH OR WITHOUT THE?[/su_heading]



    • Nouns with superlative adjectives normally have the article “the”.
    • I’m the greatest
    • Which of the boys is strongest?
    • This dictionary is best.


    • After linking verbs, superlative adjectives also usually have “the”, though it is sometimes dropped in an informal style.


    • This book is best I could find.


    • “the” cannot be dropped when superlative is used with a defining expression.


    • Of all my friends, he’s nicest.
    • He’s the nicest when he’s with children.
    • She works the hardest in the family, her husband doesn’t know what work is.
    • She works hardest when she’s doing something for her family.


    • We do not use “the” with superlatives when we compare the same person or thing in different situations.


    • Who can write the fastest?



    • “The” is sometimes dropped before superlative adverbs in an informal style.




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