SSC Polity MCQs on Constitutional Amendment

SSC Polity MCQs onConstitutional Amendment

Here we are presenting important MCQs based on Constitutional Amendment in India. These questions are formed to cater the different competitive exams like SSC CGL, MTS, CHSL, CPO, IBPS, SBI, RAILWAY, PCS, UPSC etc.

1. Which article of Indian constitution deals with constitutional amendments?
(a) Article 332
(b) Article 386
(c) Article 368
(d) None of the above

Ans. (c) Article 368 of the Constitution deals with the procedure of making amendment(s) to the constitution.

  • It allows for amendment in the constitution itself.
  • Gives Power to the Parliament to amend the Constitution by way of addition, variation or repeal of any provision.

2. In which Constitutional Amendment Act, Goa was made a full fledged State with a State assembly?
(a) 43rd, 1977
(b) 44th, 1978
(c) 56th, 1987
(d) 57th, 1987

Ans. (c) In 56th Constitutional Amendment Act, 1987 Goa was made full fledged State with a State Assembly but Daman and Diu stayed as UT.

3. In which Constitutional Amendment Act An authoritative text of the Constitution in Hindi was provided to the people of India by the President?
(a) 57th, 1987
(b) 58th, 1987
(c) 59th, 1988
(d) 61st, 1988

Ans. (b) Authoritative text in the Hindi language  The  President shall cause to be published under his authority.

4. Which Constitutional Amendment Act, provided reservation in admissions in private unaided educational institutions for students belonging to SCs/STs and OBC?
(a) 93rd, 2005
(b) 92nd, 2003
(c) 94th, 2006
(d) 95th, 2009

Ans. (a) It provides reservations for OBCs in all “educational institutions” including private, whether aided or unaided, excepting minority educational institutions.

5. Which constitutional amendment reduced the voting rights from 21 years to 18 years?
(a) 54th
(b) 36th
(c) 62th
(d) 61st

Ans. (d) The 61 Amendment’ of the Constitution of India, officially known as The Constitution Act, 1988, lowered the voting age of elections to the Lok Sabha Legislative Assemblies of States from 21 years to 18 years.

6. Under which constitutional amendment Bill, four languages: Bodo, Dogri, Maithali and Santhali are added in the 8th schedule of the Indian constitution?
(a) 89th
(b) 92nd
(c) 90th
(d) 95th

Ans. (b) By 92nd Constitutional Amendment Act, 2003, 4 new languages – Bodo, Maithili, Dogri, and Santhali – were added to the 8th Schedule of the Indian Constitution.

7. Which of the following amendment was passed during the emergency?
(a) 45th
(b) 50th
(c) 47th
(d) 42nd

Ans. (d) The 42nd amendment to Constitution of India, officially known as The Constitution Act, 1976, was enacted during the Emergency by Indira Gandhi.

8. In which of the following amendment the term of Lok Sabha increased from 5 to 6 years?
(a) 40th
(b) 42nd
(c) 44th
(d) 46th

Ans. (b) By 42th constitutional amendment The term of Lok Sabha and State Assemblies increased from 5 to 6 years.

9. Which of the following is true about the constitution (42nd amendment) Act, 1976 ?
(a) Precedence to directive principles over fundamental rights
(b) Fundamental duties are included
(c) Constitutional amendment should not be questioned in any court
(d) All the above

Ans. (d) All the above are true.

10. Which of the following amendment Act makes the right to education as the fundamental right to all the children under the age of 6-14 years ?
(a) 87th, 2003
(b) 86th, 2002
(c) 88th, 2003
(d) 89th, 2003

Ans. (b) The Act makes education a fundamental right of every child between the ages of 6 and 14 and specifies minimum norms in elementary schools.

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