Updated Medieval History Notes: Vijayanagara Empire SSC GK

Updated Medieval History Notes: Vijayanagara Empire SSC GK

SSC GK Medieval History Notes: Vijayanagara Empire

Vijayanagar Empire – Medieval History Study Material & Notes. GK, General Studies, Study notes for UPSC, IAS, Banking, Civil Services, SSC CGL, Railway exams and latest update of Books and Authors of Medieval india etc.

Vijayanagar Empire:

► The Vijayanagar Empire was established by Harihar and Bukka in 1336 AD.

► When they set up this principality, Muhammad bin Tughlaq was the Sultan in Delhi.

► The Vijayanagar period is divided into four different dynasties- Sangama, Saluva, Tuluva and Aravidu.

► It extended from Krishna river to extreme south.

► There were many foreign travelers who visited the Vijayanagar empire, these were – Ibn Batuta (Moroccan), Nicolo de Conti (Venetian), Abdur Razzak (Persian), and Domingo Paes (Portuguese).

Sangam Dynasty (1336-1485)

► Harihar and Bukka were sons of Sangama, feaudatories of Kakatiyas of Warangal.

► The Hoysala kingdom was conquered and hence, the Vijayanagara empire was extended under Harihara.

► Bukka, then succeeded his brother and became the master of Raichur doab after dealing with Bahmani Sultan.

► He destroyed the Madurai Sultans and extended the Empire to the whole of South India.

► The greatest ruler of Sangama dynasty was Deva Raya II.

► During his reign, Abdur Razzak, the envoy of Shah Rukh visited the Vijaynagara kingdom.

Saluva Dynasty (1486-1505 AD)

Saluva Narsimhan was the founder of Saluva dynasty.

► He silenced the rebellions of feaudatories and kept the kingdom intact.

► Immadi Narsimha succeeded him. He was a weak ruler and hence the control of state fell into the hands of Narsa Nayaka.

Vasco da Gama landed in Calicut during his time in 1498.

Tuluva Dynasty (1505-1570 AD)

► The son of Narsa Nayaka, Vira Narsimha was the founder of Tuluva dynasty.

► He was succeeded by his half brother, Krishnadeva Raya in 1509 AD.


► Krishnadevaraya won the Gajapati kingdom in present day Orissa and extended the Vijayanagara empire to that region as well.

► He defeated the Deccan Sultans in the battle of Diwani.

► He then invaded Raichur Doab (between Tungabhadra and Krishna river) confronting Sultan of Bijapur, Ismail Adil Shah.

► He also captured Bidar.

► He helped the Portuguese to conquer Goa from the Bijapur rulers.

► Portuguese travelers Domingo Paes and Durate Barbosavisted his court and have left accounts.

► Krishnadevaraya was a contemporary of Babur.

Vallabhacharya and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the renowned saints of the bhakti movement visited his court.

► Madhwa saint Vyasathirtha was the Rajaguru of Krishnadevaraya.

► He is also known as ‘Andhra Bhoja’, for his patronage of art and literature.

► He was also a scholar, he wrote the Telugu work Amuktamalyada and a Sanskrit play, Jambavati Kalyana.

► In his court, eight eminent scholars known as ‘Astadiggajas’ were patronized, like – Allasani Peddana  (Andhra-kavita-pitamaha) and Nandi Thimmanna.

He built Vijaya Mahal, Hazara Ramaswamy temple and Vitthal Swami temple at Vijayanagar.

► He also built ‘Rayagopurams’. A new city was built called ‘Nagalapuram’ in memory of his queen Nagaladevi.

► Also a reservoir across river Tungabhadra called Vallabapuram and a channel called Basavanna were constructed.

Acchutadeva suceeded Krishnadeva.

► The later rulers was Sadashiva Raya but defacto ruler then was Rama Raya.

Battle of Rakshasa

► Rama Raya took active part in Muslim politics.

► In 1565 AD, all the Sultanates joined a coalition against Vijayanagara except Berar.

► The Battle of Talikota, also known as Battle of Rakshasa– Tangadi, led to execution of Rama Raya after being taken prisoner.

► Thereafter, the city of Vijayanagar was destroyed and looted.

Aravidu Dynasty (1570-1650 AD)

► Tirumala Raya ruled in name of Sadashiva Raya.

► They failed to repopulate Vijayanagar and shifted to new capital at Penugonda and then to Chandragiri.

► The last ruler of Vijayanagar was Sri Ranga III.

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