SSC CGL Tier 2 Preparation Strategy-Study Plan & Main Topics 2020-21




I wish if you are reading this article, you might have qualified Tier 1. If not, I wish you luck that this article gets useful for you, means you qualify Tier 1 and be capable of using the information and things stated in this article in your preparation. When we qualify a hurdle of tier 1, it is a moment of joy and anxiety at the same time. The reason behind this dual nature of happiness is somewhere we are fearful of other two tiers’ examinations and happiness of clearing 1 tier is one the other hand.

                          If you have qualified tier 1, the tension arises of how to clear tier 2 and 3 with certainty, because a lot of pressure is there when you cross one hurdle. Relatives, parents, and the tension of getting sure shot qualifying strategy is the biggest fear we are surrounded with. In this session, we will be discussing how to prepare for SSC CGL tier 2 examination. You must be knowing that the questions will be increased in level and difficulty as compared to that of tier 1. So, the preparation strategy also has to be stiffer as compared to the preparation strategy for tier 1.

                          Let us talk about the very basic issue then we will discuss books and materials available in market with which you can assure you a qualification in tier 2 examination too. If we talk about the paper pattern and questions asked in tier 2 examination, it is far- far different than what appears in tier 1 examinations. Tier 2 examination includes 2 sections only as compared to 4 sections that are asked in tier 1 examination. Tier 2 contains 300 questions whereas tier 1 contains only 100 questions. Tier 2 contains 200 questions of English and 100 questions of Maths. If we talk about Maths section, 60 % questions of arithmetic and 40 % questions of Advance can be seen in tier 2 examination. If we talk about the level of difficulty of questions, 65 – 70% of questions that appear in exams are of moderate level and rest 30 percent questions are of new pattern and of difficult level. So, overall if we have a look if you prepare well, it is easy to attempt 75 % of Maths section easily. If you are a moderate student then too you can attempt 65 -70 % questions. If you are a topper and have a very intense desire to study and focus on every concept of Maths very sharply then Maths section can give you very good marks.

                              Now, on the other hand, comes the English section and the most scoring section. Why it is termed as the most scoring section? Because if you have good knowledge f grammar only then too you can attempt 70% of the paper very efficiently and if you are excellent in grammar then my friend you can also score upto 85% in it by applying many logics of grammar to eliminate even the vocabulary words and find out the required antonym or synonym and in the same way grammar can help you out to choose the correct option in cloze test. Let us discuss the approximate distribution of marks in English section. Spotting errors count 20-25 in tier 2 depending upon the mood of examiner. Spotting errors can appear in the form of sentence improvements and error detection too. All these three types contain the weightage of 20-25 marks in general. Now comes another part of grammar which is Voice and Speech. Active and Passive voice Contains 20-25 questions of easy and moderate level, some exceptional questions can be seen of advance and difficult level. Direct and Indirect speech contains 20-25 questions of moderate level, but some difficult level questions can be expected. Next comes the hurdle of cloze test which can vary from 2-3. The level of the cloze test can be moderate and sometimes difficult. If you are not a vocabulary person then some questions can be out of the box for you but not every question requires this capability. Reading comprehension can be a challenge for you many times. Reading comprehension in mains exams can never be of easy level, their level varies from moderate to advance. You require a good reading habit for answering and understanding the reading comprehension passage well. Filler can be another challenge in this series of questions. Fillers can be single or many times double, so you are required to follow a good strategy and mindset along with a grammatical connection to answer them well and correctly within the given time frame and then too with all the options seeming approximately the same. At last, let us come on the point of very concerned section “Vocabulary”, it contains questions like Antonyms, Synonyms, One-word substitution, Idioms and Phrases, and Misspelt words.

                                    In order to cater and handle these 2 sections of tier 2, we need to look out for a “Book Source” which is the best in the market. There can be two sources for preparation. One is through previous year questions, and the other is through a book that provides the best relevant materials and updated latest pattern questions so that you never miss out on anything in exam. If we talk about the source of previous years’ questions there are plenty of books available but out of all, I would suggest you choose “Kiran”. For the second type, you have to trust a book source that has given maximum number of relevant questions in exams and which covers the latest pattern concepts and questions. Not to be very specific but as per the reviews by around thousand students we have come to the conclusion that “Digibooks” by “Yourclasses” is one of the best sources of study material available in the market. Approx. more than half of the questions have been seen exactly related to the concepts and questions that are taught and explained in “Digibooks”. Antonyms and synonyms many times exactly match with what students have read. Mock tests give the best relevant questions of new pattern which can be seen in many exams. So, a suggestion which can definitely be a boon to your preparation and selection dream will be the selection of “Digibooks by your classes where you get proper explanation of each and every question. Along with this, video solution to each and every question is attached for more clarifications. Learners are provided with daily youtube live sessions so that they get updated to everything that is changing in every subject. With youtube sessions, “Yourclasses” try to keep you in a schedule to study daily. One more thing that “Yourclasses do to keep you on track is by providing daily homework which is the best way to track your preparation and get stick to the schedule taking zero headaches of the syllabus.

                                Summing up my words with a line. Nobody can stop you from taking selection, you just make sure you are going to take it anyhow. Trust “Yourclasses” once and you will thank us for a lifetime.

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