SSC CGL General Awareness Preparation: Study Plan, Tips and Strategy 2020

How To Prepare Current Affairs For SSC CGL 2019 & 2020

Hello Students,

Recently SSC CGL 2019 Have Been Concluded In Which Majority Of Questions Are Directly Asked From Current Affairs.

For Ex. Where 107th National Science Congress Held? Which has Sports Personality Given Arjuna Award?

Usually, Current Affair Of 6 Month Is Sufficient For All Exams Till The Date Of Particular Exam Is Announced But On Safe Side Need To Prepare Upto 12 Months If Time Allows. Otherwise Just Prepare For 6 Months And Do Proper Revision Of Your Own Prepared Notes. 

All These Types Of Question Are Directly Been Asked From Certain Specific Topics Which Can Be Prepared On Day To Day Basis

Material Required For Current Affair:-

    •  GK Today Website For Daily Current Affairs + Monthly Capsules From Sites Such As Digibook Etc. 
    •  Press Information Bureau Website For Government Schemes 
    •    Banking Awareness By Dhankar Publication Or Arihant Publications 

You Can Also Subscribe To Telegram Channel Of Yourclasses For Daily One Liner Current Affairs.

 “Digibooks” By “Yourclasses” Is One Of The Best Sources Of Study Material Available In The Market. Approx. More Than Half Of The Questions Have Been Seen Exactly Related To The Concepts And Questions That Are Taught And Explained In “Digibooks”.

Major Topics To Be Covered For Current Affairs Are:-

      1. Sports
      2. Awards
      3. International Summit
      4. National Event
      5. War Exercise
      6. Books And Authors
      7. Famous Personality
      8. Brand Ambassador
      9. Science And Technology

All These Above Topics Must Be Covered With One Liner Notes Which Can Be Used In Later Stage Of Exam / Interview For SSC /   UPSSC / UPPSC

All these exams require a very thorough knowledge of current affairs. as it will lead to success for you in all exams.

So just prepare your current affair wisely and crack the exam

How to prepare general awareness for SSC CGL 2019-2020

Hello students,

Word general awareness always gives a clue to prepare for all the available information available on the internet

Which is not true actually !!!!

Really all you have to do is to first set the target for all the subjects with specific attention to areas from where a question is being asked at regular intervals.

SSC CGL General Awareness Preparation: Tier -I Exam Pattern





General Intelligence Reasoning



60 Minutes

General Awareness



Quantitative Aptitude



English Comprehension






(0.50 negative marks for every wrong answer)

Time 60 minutes

Now as we see in current scenario usually economics is not asked more frequently .so you can skip that portion

Now your major focus must be on science, polity, history especially in static gk subjects.

As we see according to the current trend … exams are heavily focussed on history questions especially medieval history which is hot subjects according to the current scenario.

Strategy and plan vary from people to people.

All this worked for one doesn’t mean it would be a world for everyone.

You better analyze your strengths and weaknesses and plan accordingly. You must have a goal-oriented plan, don’t follow what others do, follow what can bring best in you. Like everyone says that you need to study every subject daily but one can divide the days for different subjects and use them to study the same subject for the whole day.

One should never focus on remembering facts from GK, although one reads the books 4–5 times like a novel. It will help you recall the facts in the exam without stressing too much. As it is an objective exam you don’t need to mug up the fact, just be familiar with the fact and after reading them for 4–5 times you can easily answer in the real exam.

Important topics for SSC exams are:-


(i) Important Inventions and their inventor

(ii) Important and Interesting facts about human body parts.

(iii) Nutrition in Animals and Plants.

(iv) Diseases and their causes like Bacteria, Viruses, and Protozoa

(v) Last four chapter of NCERT of Class 12th for environment


(i) Important inventions and their inventor

(ii) S.I. units

(iii) Motion, Sound, light, Wave, Energy, Electricity


(i) Rivers and their tributaries

(ii) Mountain and their important peaks of Indian and World

(iii) Important cities on the Banks of river in the India and World

(iv) Interior of Earth

(v) Basics about Indian climate

(vi) Indian states and their Boundaries

(vii) Location of National Parks and Centuries

(viii) Important volcanoes and their locations

(ix) Important island of world

(x) Important seas in the world

(xi) Minerals found in India and World


(i) Supreme Court

(ii) Meaning of Writs

(iii) Election of President and his functions

(iv) Important constitution bodies like CAG

(v) Facts about parliament

(vi) Fundamental Duties

(vii) Governor and his functions

(viii) State legislature

(ix) Major Constitutional amendments and their importance

(x) Official Language

(xi) Emergency Provisions

(xii) National political parties and their symbols


(i) Facts about Harappa Civilization

(ii) Vedic culture

(iii) Name of the Kings who built important ancient Temples and Institutions like Nalanda

(iii) Chronology of Medieval India and their important systems

(iv) India’s freedom movement and their leaders

How to prepare GK  and current affairs for the SSC CGL exam?

When you read this line what comes to your mind?

What should be the right material, right strategy, and the right schedule to follow that strategy?

Then you are wrong !!!!!!!

Yes, whenever we start preparing the first thing we should ask ourselves is do we really want to do this job or not?

If the answer is yes then only we should move forward to planning for competition.

Here is a famous saying:- the time is fixed for all. it means that the availability of time is the same for all persons 

Let me give you an example :-

Here are a 2-time table of a student and other of working professional, let’s take a look —

Student’s time table 

7:00 am–7:30 am- wake up and get ready

7:30am–9:30am- general studies

9:30am–10:00am- breakfast

10:00am–12:00pm- English

12:00 pm–3:30m- bathing, prayer, lunch and rest

3:30pm–4:30pm- typing on computer

4:30pm–6:00pm- social life

6:00 pm–9:00 pm- previous year paper of SSC solving



12:00am–7:00am- sleep

Professional working men’s time table:-

I am working for Canara bank, as a PO, with no fixed timings, a fixed daily schedule is difficult for me to maintain. However, I am giving a rough schedule that I follow mostly-

      • Wake up at 5 and study from 5:30 to 8:30
      • Get ready and go to the bank which starts at 10.
      • On average I come back at 7.
      • Study from 7:30 to 8:30 and after that dinner.
      • Then, study from9:30 to 10:30. And then I go to bed.

In comparison, you will be shocked to see that even after working for 8-10 hours, professional men can easily study for 4-5 hours and actually will be more effective if they do this with confidence and punctuality.

So what I want to explain is anyone can achieve their success, what matters the most in life is not money, time or personality rather confidence, eager to chase, and discipline makes a man successful 

As the famous saying of ratan tata is:- I don’t know how to make the correct decision but what i do know is i take a decision and stand for it for the rest of my life.

This is a winning attitude which all should have in their mind.

Here is an example of one of the topper schedule:-

It depends on how many attempts you want to take for qualifying. In CGL every year is important because every year CGL is getting more and more competitive. I never had any schedule. I studied whenever I could and worked mostly on my weak areas. This will make your preparation interesting because following a pre-decided schedule is not always possible. There have been days when I didn’t study, watched movies and just roamed around ( at the most thrice a month, nor always )but there have been days when I studied for 8 hours continuously.

The preparation of any government exam today is highly competitive and it is impossible to cover almost everything. Just work on your weak areas and schedule as per not required. Study whenever you feel you could, give regular Mock, see what’s missing and SSC won’t say no to an aspirant like you.

Now after going through all types of schedules what you have to decide is how you should learn in life ..

Now let’s talk about a set of books you should follow:-

Here I am providing you an ideal list which you can alter as per your wish and time availability:-


    1. Take a book Named Quantum CAT by Sarvesh Kumar Verma and solve all solved examples of each topic and level 1 from practice exercises. Do not solve level 2 or 3 before completing the basics of all topics. then Solve the second book of Kiran
    2. Kiran’s Previous yearbook.(It includes questions of previous years topic wise which have been asked in SSC exams) for Maths you can download unacademy learning app and see my profile, you will get all the videos of all topics from basics to advance level which are sufficient to clear SSC CGL
    3. No need to purchase any more books. Revise only these two books as many times as you can.
    4. Make notes of difficult questions and revise those questions regularly.


    1. SP Bakshi or English Grammar & Composition R Pal & P Suri
    2. For Synonyms and Antonyms: Word Power Made Easy By Norman Lewis
    3. Kiran’s previous yearbook of English


    1. Just solve the Mock test and Kiran Previous Year Book and you will do the reasoning section.
    2. The reasoning of SSC is very easy.

General Awareness:

Take the Book of Lucent and Previous Year Kiran for GS

After having a proper schedule and set of books I think now what you only need is good confidence in you to cross the bridge of success 

May God always with you .

Till next time 


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