List of Sports Cups and Trophies for SSC & BANK Exams

List of Sports Cups and Trophies for SSC & BANK Exams

Here, we are providing a list of important cups and trophies associated with various sports. This is an important Static GK topic for every competitive exam like SSC CGL, IBPS-PO, RAILWAY etc.


Amrit Diwan Cup

Chaddha Cup

Kitiakara Cup

Konica Cup

Malaysian Open

Sophia Cup

Thomas Cup (Men)

Uber Cup (Women)


Ashes Cup

C.K. Naidu Trophy

Deodhar Trophy

Duleep Trophy

Gavaskar Border Trophy

Irani Trophy

Jawharlal Nehru Cup

Ranji Trophy

Vijay Hazare Trophy


Bandodkar Trophy

Confederation Cup

Durand Cup

Kalinga Cup

Merdeka Cup

Rovers Cup

Santosh Trophy

Scissor Cup

Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee Trophy

Subroto Cup


Augusta Masters

British Open

US Maters


Aga khan Cup

Dhyanchand Trophy

Maharaja Ranjit Singh Gold Cup

Murugappa Gold Cup

Nehru Trophy

Sindhia Gold Cup

Stanley Cup

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup

Wellington Cup

“Horse Racing”

Beresford Cup

Blue Riband Cup


Grand National Cup etc.

“Lawn Tennis”

Australian Open

BNP Paribash

Davis Cup

Heineken Cup

French Open

US Open


“Table Tennis”

Berna Bellack cup( Men)

Cobillion Cup (women)

Cup (women)

Rajkumari Challenge Cup (women junior)

Ramanuja Trophy (men Junior)

Travancore Cup (women)

Swathling Cup (men) etc.


Basalat Jha Trophy

B.C. Gupta Trophy

S.M. Arjuna

Raja Trophy

Todd memorial Trophy

William jones Cup

Bangalore Bules

Challenge Cup

Nehru Cup

Federation Cup etc.


Ezra Cup

Gold Cup

King’s Cup

Prithi Pal Singh Cup


Mohan Cup

Winchester Cup etc.


Naidu Trophy

Khaitan Torphy

Lin Are City Trophy


Centennial Cup

Indira Pradhan Trophy


Gold Cup, etc.

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