Present Tense for English Grammar in English



Present Tense for English Grammar


  • Did you (a)/ ever thought (b)/ of going (c)/abroad ?(d)/ No error (e)/
  • Presently a (a)/ large number (b)/ of women live (c)/ below poverty line.(d)/ No error (e)/
  • It is high time (a)/ we start preparing (b)/ for our (c)/annual examination.(d)/ No error(e)/
  • The whole class of (a)/ students is looking forward to (b)/ visit the picnic (c)/ spot again this year.(d) No error (e)/
  • We are already (a)/ late, it is no (b)/ use to go in (c)/the meeting.(d)/ No error (e)/
  • He is addicted to (a)/ smoke so his parents (b)/ asked him to consult (c)/ the doctor. (d)/ No error (e)/



  • A (Have you)
  • D (are living)
  • B (started)
  • C (visiting)
  • C (use going in)
  • B (smoking)

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