Sentence Improvement Questions for SSC and Bank Exams

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1. Iago lied to Othello about his wife.

        • Lay
        • laid

(3) lain
(4) No improvement


        1. . It is not possible to tell the entire story in nutshell.
        • In a nutshell

(2) In the nut

(3) In a shell
(4) No improvement

        1. It is all but same to me whether I am transferred to Mumbai or Kolkata.
          (1) all or same

(2) all the same

(3) All one

(4) No improvement


4. Despite his father’s financial assistance he was always hard on.
(1)hard in

(2)Hard up
(3)hard out
(4) No improvement

        1. 5. The Chairman’s harsh words like insult to injury to the embarrassed speaker.


(4)No improvement


6. He is in of sorts today.



(4)No improvement

7. She told to me the news.

(1) Said me

(2) Said to me
(3) Told me
(4)No improvement


        1. 8. The philanthropist bestowed a lakh to the orphanage.


(2)Parted with
(4)No improvement

9. There are better ways of solving the problem.

(1) There are different ways of solving a problem.

(2) There is a better way of looking at the problem.

(3) There are better ways of solving the problem.

(4)No improvement


10. When in doubt check it up with a good dictionary.
(1) check it up in
(2) check it in

(3) check it with
(4) No improvement



    1. We were introduced to each other by a mutual friend.

(1) Through a mutual friend.
(2) by a common friend.
(3) by mutual friends.
(4) No improvement


    1. . She insisted to go there, though her husband cautioned her on it.
      (1) on going
      (2) upon going

(3) going

(4) No improvement


    1.  I started lending books from the library.
      (1) borrowing

(2) Lending of

(3) Loan of
(4) No improvement


    1.  You will come to my party tomorrow, will you?
    • isn’t it?

(2) Will not you?

(3) won’t you?
(4) No improvement


    1.  There was a roll of drums.

(1) role

(2) droll
(3) troll
(4) No improvement


    1.  Bacteria is the most common form of life.
    • Bacteria are

(2) Bacterium are

(3) Bacteria were
(4) No improvement


    1.  Everyone was moved with tears at his sad story.
    • moved by

(2) Moved to

(3) Moved in
(4) No improvement


    1.  He behaves as if he is the supreme leader.
    • As he is

(2) as if he were

(3) As if he was
(4) No improvement

    1. . She stopped and said that she had forgotten taking the key from the keyhole.

(1 ) forgot taking the key from

(2) forgot to take the key off from
(3) Had forgotten to take the key from
(4) No improvement


    1. Besides cricket, Rahul plays tennis as well.

(1) Besides, Rahul plays cricket and tennis as well.

(2) Besides cricket, Rahul plays tennis as well.

(3) Besides, Rahul plays cricket and tennis as well.

(4 ) No improvement

    1.  There are a good many tigers in this forest.

(1) Some good many tigers
(2) the good many tigers
(3) an good many tigers
(4) No improvement

    1.  London is one of the oldest towns of
      (1) in
      (2) at
      (3) besides
      (4) No improvement

    1.  You will be late if you do not leave now.

(1) Will not leave now

(2) Did not leave now
(3) Left now
(4) No improvement

    1.  People ask me why I decide to start a new magazine.
      (1) will decide

(2) am deciding
(3) have decided
(4) No improvement

    1.  Anyone wishing to enroll in the programme should send in there applications before the end of this month.
      (1) send in her application

(2) send her application in

(3) send in their applications

(4) No improvement

    1.  Do you mind me leaving this payment until next year?

(1) I

(2) my

(3) mine
(4) No improvement

    1. As you grow older, you will find that these all difficulties may be overcome by patience.

(1) these all difficulties may overcome with patience

(2) all these difficulties may overcome through patience

(3) all these difficulties may be overcome with patience

(4) No improvement

    1.  Sita didn’t so far as blink when she heard she had won the scholarship to Cambridge.
      (1) so much as

(2) as far as
(3) as good as
(4) No improvement

    1.  When the architect won a prize in a play writing competition his friends admired his universality.

(1) durability
(2) versatility
(3) respectability
(4) No improvement

    1.  I bought four dozen of mangoes.

(1) Dozens of mango

(2) Dozens of mangoes

(3) Dozen mangoes

(4) No improvement

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