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Sentence Improvement


    1. Instead of his hard work, he did not succeed.
    • In spite of

(2) In case of

(3) In respect of

(4) No improvement

    1. Seeing no way to escape, the thief suited to the Inspector.

(1) shooted
(2) surrendered

(3) supplied

(4) No improvement

    1. If you want to catch the first flight you may leave now.

(1) must
(2) Ought to
(3) No improvement

(4) could

    1. Manoj is so credible that he immediately believed my story.

(1) No improvement
(2) credulous
(3) innocent

(4) creditable

    1. Thomas Caffall the gunman killing two persons near the Texas A & M University, asked forgiveness for shooting the officers.

(1) Who killed
(2) who has killed

(3) No improvement

(4) Who had killed

    1. I want to dispose off all my old furniture immediately

(1) dispose
(2) disposed off
(3) dispose of
(4) No improvement

    1. He parts his hair in the centre.
    • At the centre

(2) near the centre

(3) in the middle

(4) No improvement

    1. I can’t allow you to make jokes in the class.
    • Cut
    • Crack
    • Break
    • No improvement
    1. Shut the window; it is fairly cold.
    • Quite
    • Quite
    • Rather
    • No improvement
    1. 10. She is the lady who will inaugurate the exhibition.
      (1) declare the exhibition open

(2) Start the exhibition

(3) Begin the exhibition
(4) No improvement



11. The terrorist, as well as his accomplices, was killed in the encounter.
(1) have been killed
(2) No improvement
(3) were killed
(4) was being killed


12. The Councillor behaves as if he is the Chief Minister.

(1) Has been
(2) were
(3) No improvement
(4) was

13. In spite of age, he is my senior.

    • He is my senior, in keeping with his age.
    • He is my senior in regard to his age.
    • No improvement
    • In respect of age, he is my senior.


14. Rani has completed her graduation from a reputed university last year.
(1) completed

(2) was completed
(3) No improvement
(4) had been completed

15. The President of India administers the oath of office to the Council of Ministers.
(1 ) imposes the promise
(2) supervises the oath-taking ceremony
(3) No improvement

(4) Reads out the oath


16. Being a wet day, he stayed at home.
(1) Though
(2) As it was

(3) No improvement

(4) Since

17. We’ve got a new big house.

    • Big new house

(2) House big new

(3) No improvement

(4) House new big


18. I shall write to you when I reach Agra.

    • will write to you

(2) Would write to you

(3) No improvement

(4) should write to you

19. Either Kiran or Mala is sure to be chosen for the school debate team.

(1)  Either Kiran or Mala are sure to

(2)  Either Kiran nor Mala are sure to

(3)  Either Kiran or Mala will

(4)  No Improvement


20. Tom was standing beside the school-house poster when the ball rolled towards him.
(1) standing beside the schoolhouse poster
(2) stand beside the schoolhouse poster
(3) stood beside the school-house poster
(4) No Improvement

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