Sentence Improvement – English Questions and Answers Quiz

  Sentence Improvement

      1. I like tea and I like coffee.
    • tea to coffee

(2) tea after coffee

(3) both tea and coffee

(4) No improvement

      1. They are bringing down the old bridge to build a new one.
        • destroying
        • damaging
        • Demolishing
        • No improvement
      1. Maggie took a hot bath because she was working in the garden all afternoon.

(1) is
(2) has
(3) had been
(4) No improvement

      1. The country faced a rainfall deficit of eight per cent after the four month long southwest monsoon.
      • During the

(2) at the end of the

(3) for the
(4) No improvement

      1. Children with disabilities and special needs also have the right to education just like normal children.
        • just as normal children do
        • even as normal children are doing
        • Along with normal children
        • No improvement
      1. He was too glad to see his friend.

(1) very glad
(2) so glad
(3) To glad
(4) No improvement

      1. All his efforts to find his lost child were in vane.
      • vein

(2) wane

(3) vain

(4) No improvement

      1. He is so intelligent that he could win the quiz competition.
        • Will
        • Can
        • Should
        • No improvement
      1. The demonstration passed away peacefully.
        • Passed out
        • Passed
        • Passed on
        • No improvement
        1. 10. They have not spoken to each other since they quarrelled.
          (1) for
          (2) because
          (3) ever since
          (4) No improvement


11. You must accustom yourself with new ideas.

Accustom to

Accustom yourself to

Accustomed with

No improvement


12. Each self is unique, and therefore cannot be compared.


(2) non-comparable

(3) incomparably

(4) No improvement

13. Shall I sit between you at the concert




No improvement


14. No one other reason than poverty is hampering India’s progress.
(1) No other

(2) None other
(3) No another
(4) No improvement

15. The custom has took root in the society.

(1) taken root
(2) Take root
(3) Takes root
(4) No improvement


16. We will take care of your children when you are a way at Mumbai.

(1) Be looking for
(2) look after

(3) take care after
(4) No improvement

17. She cut a sad figure in her first performance on the stage.

(1) Made a sorry figure
(2) cut a sorry face

(3) cut a sorry figure

(4) No improvement


18. You must complete this work up to Sunday.

within Sunday

(2) by Sunday
(3) on to Sunday

(4) No improvement

19. Hole wheat bread is good for health.

(1) Whole
(2) Healthy
(3) Holed
(4) No improvement


20. She has no pen to write.

(1) write with

(2) write at
(3) Write in
(4) No improvement

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