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All You Need is Love: Amor and Phil

    • amorous

expressive of or exciting love or romance

    • paramour

a lover, especially a secret or illicit one

    • enamored

marked by foolish or unreasoning fondness

    • amiable

diffusing warmth and friendliness

    • philanthropist

someone who makes charitable donations

    • bibliophile

someone who loves and usually collects books

    • oenophile

someone who appreciates wine

    • amateur

someone who pursues a study or sport as a pastime

    • amity

a state of friendship and cordiality

    • amicable

characterized by friendship and good will



It’s About Time: Chron and Temp

    • asynchronous

not occurring or existing at the same time

    • chronicle

a record or narrative description of past events

    • chronic

long-lasting or characterized by long suffering

    • chronograph

an accurate timer for recording time

    • chronology

a record of events in the order of their occurrence

    • chronometer

an accurate clock (especially used in navigation)

    • contemporary

belonging to the present time

    • contretemps

an awkward clash

    • extemporize

perform or speak without preparation

    • synchronicity

the relation that exists when things occur at the same time

    • synchronize

make happen at the same time

    • temporal

of or relating to or limited by time

    • temporary

not permanent; not lasting


Good Grief!:Grav, Griev

    • aggravate

make worse

    • aggravation

an exasperated feeling of annoyance

    • aggrieve

cause to feel distress

    • grave

dignified and somber in manner or character

    • grief

intense sorrow caused by loss of a loved one

    • grievance

a complaint about a wrong that causes resentment

    • grieve

feel intense sorrow, especially due to a loss

    • grievous

causing fear or anxiety by threatening great harm


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