Rise and Growth of the MAGADHA EMPIRE (Part-2)

Rise and Growth of the MAGADHA EMPIRE (Part-2)

Here, we are giving a brief summary on the Rise and Growth of Magadha Empire for the preparation of the competitive examinations like UPSC, SSC, State Services, NDA, CDS, and Railways etc.

Shishunaga Dynasty (413 BC–345 BC)


⦿ Capital was at Girivaraja.

⦿ Sisunaga was the minister of the Naga-Dasak and was elected by the people.

⦿ He destroyed the Prayota Dynasty of Avanti that ended the 100 years old rivalry between Magadha and Avanti.

⦿ Later shifted the capital to Vaishali.


⦿ He was son of Shishunaga.

⦿ Kalashoka shifted the capital to Pataliputra.

⦿ He conducted the Second Buddhist Council at Vaishali.

⦿ He was killed in a palace revolution that brought the Nanda dynasty to the throne

Nanda Dynasty (345 BC–321 BC)

Mahapadma Nanda (345 BC–329 BC)

⦿ He is called the “first historical emperor of India.”

⦿ He murdered Kalashoka to become the king.

⦿ His origins are not clear. As per the Puranas, he was the son of the last Shishunaga king from a Sudra woman.

⦿ As per some Jain texts and Greek writer Curtius, he was the son of a barber and a courtesan.

⦿ He is also called “Sarva Kashtriyantaka” (destroyer of all the kshatriyas) and “Ekrat”.

⦿ The empire grew under his reign. It ran from the Kuru country in the north to the Godavari Valley in the south and from Magadha in the east to Narmada on the west.

⦿ He conquered many kingdoms including Kalinga.

Dhana Nanda (329 BC–321 BC)

⦿ He was the last Nanda ruler.

⦿ He is referred to as Agrammes or Xandrames in Greek texts.

⦿ Alexander invaded North-Western India during his reign.

⦿ He inherited a huge empire from his father. He possessed a standing army of 200,000 infantry, 20,000 cavalry, 3000 elephants and 2000 chariots. He became a powerful ruler because of this.

⦿ He is said to be one of the 8 or 9 sons of Mahapadma Nanda.

⦿ He became unpopular with his subjects owing to an oppressive way of extorting taxes.

⦿ Also, his Sudra origins and an anti-kshatriya policy led to a large number of enemies.

⦿ Finally he was overthrown by Chandragupta Maurya along with Chanakya, which led to the foundations of the Maurya Empire in Magadha.

Causes for the Rise of Magadha

⦿ Flourish due to geographical location because and both Rajgir and Patliputra located at strategic location.

⦿ Abundance of natural resources especially iron which made them to equip with effective weapon.

⦿ Due to agricultural produce because region was situated at fertile gangetic plain.

⦿ Rise of town and use of metallic money boosted trade and commerce.

⦿ Unorthodox character of Magadha society.

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