Sentence Re-arrangement (PQRS) for SSC CGL tier 2 Exam 2020-21

Sentence Re-arrangement (PQRS) for SSC CGL Exam 2020

                        [su_heading size=”31″]   PQRS (Sentence Arrangement)[/su_heading]



    1. The pigeons were used
    1. as messengers
    2. which were tied
    3. in the olden days
    4. to carry messages
    5. to their feet.
      • PQRS       (2) SPRQ

(3) PRSQ         (4) PRQS


    1. The school has always been
    2. tradition from one
    3. the most important
    4. the wealth of
    5. means of transferring
    6. generation to the next.
      • PSRQ        (2) QSRP

(3) RSQP             (4) QRSP


    1. When she got to her house, there was nothing to retrieve.
    2. All valuables were smashed or stolen
    3. The curtains were burned; books were ripped to shreds
    4. Her medals and trophies had been flung everywhere
    1. The house had been completely ransacked
    1. Mrs M stood in the centre of her bedroom looking at a ruined copy of the Koran forcing back her tears
      • PQRS    (2) PRQS

(3) SPRQ           (4) RSQP


    1. The student came late to the school.
    2. He went home weeping.
    3. The watchman didn’t allow him inside the school
    4. The boy was waiting outside for sometime.
    5. He then decided to go home
    1. It was a bad day for him

(1) QSPR                                                     (2) QSRP

(3) QRSP                                                     (4) QPSR


    1. Oliver dozed off again and it has been bright day for hours when Oliver opened his eyes.
    1. He belonged to the world again.
    1. In three day’s time, he was able to sit in any easy chair, well propped up with pillows, and he was still too weak to walk
    1. He felt cheerful and happy
    1. The crisis of the disease was safely past
    1. Mrs. Beduin had him carried downstairs into the little housekeeper’s room which belonged to her.

(1) PQRS                                                (2) RSPQ

(3) QRSP                                                (4) SPQR

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