English Grammar – Nouns for SSC CGL, Bank .

 English Grammar – Noun for SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC CPO  BANK PO CLERK

    1. Two – third of this (a)/ wall-pillar was (b)/ constructed overnight.(c)/ no error (d)/
    2. There are several (a)/ species of fishes (b)/ in this pond. (c)/ No error (d)/.
    3. This plant’s wood (a)/ is used in (b)/ numerous furniture making. (c)/ no error.(d)/
    4. Varun going on (a)/ a long leave (b)/ was the reason for Tarun’s bad mood.(c)/ No error (d)/
    5. This world needs to (a)/ move from managing crisis (b)/ to preventing them in the first place (c)/ No error (d)/
    6. Before starting out (a)/ he had collected out all the (b)/ informations about that place (c)/ No error (d)/
    7. Keats’s and Shelly’s poems (a)/ worship god in all (b)/ its forms (c)/ No error (d)/
    8. It was a great experience to (a)/ watch many aircrafts (b)/ taking off from the ground.(c)/ No error (d)/
    9. In my childhood, (a)/ 2 dozens egg cost (b)/ just 20 rupees.(c)/ No error (d)/
    10. Rahul is among those man (a)/ who earned name and fame not (b)/ by luck but by hard work.(c)/ No error (d)/
    11. When we reached the (a)/ fair we found that there (b)/ was no place to stand.(c)/ No error (d)/
    12. The angry mob attacked the (a)/ police officers when they came to (b)/ race the illegal construction.(c)/ No error (d)/

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