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Most Reputed Idioms

In the following question, out of the four alternatives, select the alternative which best expresses the
meaning of the idiom/phrase.

Couch potato

  • A a person who sleeps all day
  • B a person who watches too much television
  • C a person who remains relaxed and calm
  • D a person who is simple in nature
  • Answer: B


butterflies in the stomach

  • A being excited
  • B being hungry
  • C being nervous
  • D being angry
  • Answer: C


At loggerheads

  • A To suffer
  • B In conflict with someone
  • C To face tough competition
  • D To be in do or die situation
  • Answer: B

To play ducks and drakes

  • A to use recklessly
  • B to change places
  • C to be friendly
  • D to act cleverly
  • Answer: A


At daggers drawn

  • A deceiving somebody
  • B without hope
  • C friendly with each other
  • D bitterly hostile
  • Answer: D

get out of hand

  • A get out of control
  • B give up something
  • C get upset
  • D to complete a task
  • Answer: A


  • The alpha and the omega
  • A Happy and sad
  • B The beginning and the end
  • C The love and the hatred
  • D Truth and dare
  • Answer: B



  • costs an arm and a leg
  • A easy to obtain
  • B very expensive
  • C rarely available
  • D nothing to lose
  • Answer: B


Throw up the sponge

  • A To attack
  • B To laugh at someone
  • C To surrender
  • D To talk loudly
  • Answer: C


actions speak louder than words

  • A take up a task that you cannot finish
  • B what you do is more important than what you say
  • C do something without planning
  • D look for solutions in the wrong place
  • Answer: B





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