MOST Repeated Idioms and Phrases-2 (For SSC CGL)

1. Apple of  one’s eye – Something or someone who is very dear.
Ex. – His new baby boy was the apple of his eye.

2. Bone of Contention – A subject or cause of a dispute
Ex. – That will was a bone of contention for the whole family.

3. A broken Reed – A weak or ineffectual person
Ex. – The warden of this hostel appears to be a broken reed.

4. A bolt from the blue – A sudden or unforeseen event.
Ex. – This opportunity came like a bolt from the blue in front of me.

5. By hook or By crook – By fair or unfair means.
Ex. – I want this work to be done by hook or by crook.

6. To cut a sorry figure – To make a poor impression or performance
Ex. – Tublight cuts a sorry figure at the Indian box Office.

7. To feather one’s own nest – Act for one’s own benefits enrich oneself by taking advantage of one’s position)
Ex. – The congressmen feathered his nest through his business connections.

8. Beat black and blue – To punish severely
Ex. – The goons has beaten him in black and blue.

9. Once in a blue moon – Very rarely.
Ex. – He comes to see his parents once in a blue moon.

10. Get hot under the collar – Get  angrey
Ex. – His insulting remarks made her getting hot under the collar.

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