MOST Important Vocabulary-3 (for SSC CGL-2018)

1. Assailant – Someone who attacks
Syn. – Aggressor, Assaulter etc.
Ex. – Sketch artist created the image of the assailant.

2. Contemplate – think intently and at length.
Syn. – Meditate, study Etc.
Ex. – This flowchart contemplates the existential questions of trigonometry.

3. Clandestine – Something that is done in secret.
Syn. – Surreptitious, undercover. Etc.
Ex. – NASA has clandestine labs for experimentingthe aliens.

4. Despicable – Unpleasant, cause of feeling dislike.
Syn. – Slimy, vile, wretched
Ex. – He is a despicable man.

5. Obligatory – Required by obligation or compulsion
Syn. – Necessary, Indispensable etc.
Ex. – This lab work is obligatory in nature.

6. Detrimental – Causing harm or injury.
Syn. – Prejudicial, damaging
Ex. – Smoking is detrimental to his health.

7. Sanguine – Confidently  optimistic and cheerful.
Syn. – Optimistic
Ex. – He is pretty sanguine about his project.

8. Sabotage – A deliberate act of destruction
Syn. – Devastation.
Ex. – ISIS has sabotaged the Mosul city.

9. Impeccable – Without mistakes or faults./errors.
Syn. – Perfect, Immaculate
Ex. – He has an impeccable design for this building.

10. Embellish – Making more attractive by adding ornament,colour, etc. Syn. – Ferfect, Immaculate
Ex. – He has an impeccable design for this building

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