MOST Important Vocabulary-2 (for SSC CGL-2018 )

1. Proliferation – Rapid increase in number
Syn. – rapid increase, escalation, growth etc.
Ex. – Nuclear weapons proliferate very fast after the explosion.

2. Sporadic – Occurring at irregular instances/intervals.
Syn. – Spasmodic, intermittent, etc.
Ex. – Dengue is sporadic in nature.

3. Resurgence – Bringing again into activity and prominence.
Syn. – Revitalisation, revival etc.
Ex. – A resurgence of terrorism seems to plague the world due to  ISIS.

4. Vandalism – Willful destruction of the property of hers.
Syn. – Hooliganism, malicious mischief etc.
Ex. – These acts of vandalism took place throughout India.

5. Vicious – Intentionally doing harmful or nasty things.
Syn. – Evil, Wicked etc.
Ex. – The cops are vicious in small towns, searching for anyway to arrest people in false cases.

6. Quiescent – Being quiet or inactive or dormant state.
Syn. – Dormant, Inactive Etc.
Ex. – Nowadays that volcano is in quiescent state.

7. Abscission – The act of cutting something off.
Syn. – Cutting off, Removal etc.
Ex. – Abscission of a leaf is done at the base of the petiole.

8. Amiable – A pleasant and friendly behavior.
Syn. – Affable, cordial, genial etc. Ex. – He is amiable in nature

9. Chauvinism – Person with a prejudiced belief in the superiority ofhis/her own kind.
Syn. – bigot
Ex. – Even today, women continue to experience chauvinism in their offices.

10. Decimate – Kill/destroy in large numbers.
Syn. – Annihilate, eradicate, eliminate, extinguish, wipe out.
Ex. – If the troops cross over the border. They will try to  decimate neighboring villages.

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