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MOST Important Vocabulary-1 (for SSC CGL-2018 )

1. Impetuous & Undue haste and Lack of thought
Syn. – Impatient.
Ex. – Her impetuous behavior landed her in jail.

2. Ambulatory – To walk in a slow manner
Syn. – Ambulant, mobile etc.
Ex. – In heavy shackles the prisoner was barely ambulatory.

3. Nonchalant & Marked bylacking interest/careless
Syn. – Causal, unconcerned etc.
Ex. – The rebellious teenager gave the police officer a Nonchalant simile

4. Nepotism – Showing favoritisms to relatives or friends.
Syn. – Discrimination, favoritism. Etc.
Ex. – The only way he could have received that designation was through nepotism.

5. Benevolent – Intending or showing kindness. Syn. – Sympathetic, Charitable. Etc.
Ex. – Feeding the street dogs is a benevolent deed.

6. Blasphemy – Saying offensive thins about God or religion
Syn. – Profanity, disrespect etc.
Ex. – The author’s blasphemy was evident in his book  Supporting atheism.

7. Cacophony – Loud confusing disagreeable sounds.
Syn. – Dissonance, blare, clamor
Ex. – After the blast, there was a cacophony of screams and ambulance sirens.

8. Mendacious – Not telling the truth, dishonest.
Syn. – Deceitful, untruthful etc.

9. Nyctophobia – a morbid fear of night or darkness.
Syn. – Night phobia.
Ex. – Mukesh is suffering from Nyctophobia.

10. Recalcitrant – stubbornly resistant to authority or control.
Syn. – Fractious, Refractory. Etc.
Ex. – Training the recalcitrant dog was quite a challenge.

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