Most Important MCQs on JAINISM

Most Important MCQs on JAINISM

We have listed the top GK Important Multiple Choice Questions MCQs on Jainism. It is important for SSC CGL, MTS, CHSL, CPO, UPSC, Railway etc.

1. Sallekhana is a religious practice in__________.
a. Hinduism
b. Shikhism
c. Islam
d. Jainism

Answer (d): Sallekhana also known as Santhara, Samadhi-marana, Sanyasana-marana is the Jain practice of undertaking voluntary death at the end of one’s life.In August 2015, Rajasthan High Court cited that the practice is not essential tenet of Jainism and banned the practice making it punishable under section 306 and 309 IPC.

2. Jain monastic establishments or shrines and temples are called:
a. Basadi
b. Chaitya
c. Mandir
d. Tirth

Answer (a): The word is generally used in South India, including Maharashtra. Its historical use in North is preserved in the names of the Vimala Vasahi and Luna Vasahi temples of Mount Abu. It is also called desara, vasati (Sanskrit word).

3. Vardhaman Mahavira passed away at:
a. Pavapuri
b. Kusinagar
c. Mithila
d. Vaishali

Answer (a): He passed away at age 72 in 468 B.C. Pavapuri is near modern Rajgir.

4. In Jainism ‘tirthankaras’ mean:
a. God and the Supreme Being
b. Those who guide men and women across the river of existence.
c. Conqueror of everything
d. Those who know the ultimate truth and ultimate reality

Answer (b): Jina is conqueror. According to Jain tradition, Mahavira was preceded by 23 other teachers or tirthankaras – literally, those who guide men and women across the river of existence.

5. The first Jain Council was convened at_____________.
a. Rajagriha
b. Pataliputra
c. Vallabhi
d. Kharvela

Answer (b): The first Jain Council was convened at Pataliputra by Sthulabahu, the leader of the Digambaras, in the beginning of the 3 rd century B.C.

  • The second Jain Council was held at Valabhi in 5 th century A.D.
  • The final compilation of Jain literature called Twelve Angas was completed in this council.

6. The founder of Jainism is believed to be_____________.
a. Parshvanatha
b. Mahavira
c. Rishabhadeva
d. Ajitanatha

Answer (c): The founder of Jainism is believed to be Rishabhadeva, the first of the twenty four tirthankaras and as the last tirthankara Mahavira developed and gave final shape to the Jain doctrines.

7. Under the bank of which river Mahavira got enlightenment ?
a. Ravi
b. Rijupalika
c. Saraswati
d. Krishna

Answer (b): At the age of 42, Mahavira attained Kaivalaya under a Sal tree on the bank of river Rijupalika near Jrimbhikgrama in Modern Bihar.

8. In which language Jain literature are written ?
a. Prakrit
b. Sanskrit
c. Hindi
d. Bengali

Answer (a): Agam literature consists of many texts, which are the sacred books of the Jain religion. They are written in the Ardha-magadhi Prakrit language.

9. Which of the following are the holy books of Jainism ?
a. 12 Angas
b. 14 Angas
c. 16 Angas
d. 18 Angas

Answer (a): The Agamic literature is vast and stupendous, comprising of 12 Angas, 12 Upangas, 4 Mulas, 2 Chulikas Sutras, 6 Cheda Sutras, 10 Prakirnakas etc.

10. Mahavira was born at ?
a. Pavapuri
b. Lumbini
c. Kundagram
d. Bodh Gaya

Answer (c): Lord Mahavir was born on the thirteenth day of rising moon of Chaitra month, in 599 B.C. in the village-KUNDGRAM , VAISHSLI at BIHAR (INDIA).

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