Important articles of Indian Constitution

Important articles of Indian Constitution

List of important Articles of Indian Constitution and its Purposes are given here, which are the most expected Polity GK Questions for Upcoming SSC 2018 Exams.

List of the most important articles of Indian Constitution:

Article 1-4: Deals with the territory of India, formation of new states, alterations, names of existing states.

Article 5-11: Deals with various rights of citizenship.

Article 12-35: Deals with fundamental rights of Indian Citizen Abolition of untouchability and titles.

Articles 36-51: Deals with Directive Principles of State Policy.

Articles 51A: This part was added by 42nd Amendment in 1976, which contains the fundamental duties of the citizens.

It contains, originally 10 duties, now it contains 11 duties by 86th amendments act 2002.

Articles 52-151: Deals with government at the centre level.

Articles 152-237: Deals with government at the state level.

Article 238: Deals with states.

Articles 239-241: Deals with Union Territories

Articles 242-243: It consists of two parts:

  • Added by 73rd amendment in 1992, which contains a new schedule. It contains 29 subjects related to Panchayati Raj, who have been given administrative powers.
  • Added by 74th amendment in 1992, which contains a new schedule. It contains 18 subjects relate to municipalities, who have been given administrative powers.

Articles 244-244A: Deals with scheduled and tribal areas.

Articles 245-263: Deals with the relationship between union and states.

Articles 264-300A: Deals with the distribution of revenue between union and states, appointment of Finance Commission etc.

Article 301-307: Deals with the trade, commerce and intercourse within the territory of India.

Article 308-323: Deals with UPSC and Public Services Commissions.

Article 323A, 323B: Added by 42nd Amendment in 1976.

  • Deals with administrative tribunals set up by parliament to hear disputes and complaints regarding Union, states or local Government Employees.

Articles 324-329: Deals with election.

Articles 330-342: Deals with special provision for SCs and STs and Anglo-Indian Representatives.

Articles 343-351: Deals with official language of union and states.

Article 352-360: Deals with emergency provisions, President’s rule.

Articles 361-367: Deals with exemption of criminal proceedings for their official acts of president and governors.

Article 368: Deals with Amendment of constitution.

Article 369-392: Article 370 deals with special status to J&K.

Article 371A: gives special provisions with respect to state of Nagaland.

Articles 393-395: deals with the short title, commencement and repeal of the constitution.

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