Major Cropping Seasons in India

Major Cropping Seasons in India

Geography Notes on Agricultural Seasons and Major Crops in India. Learn different types of major Crops produced in India for competitive exams like SSC CGL, MTS, CHSL, CPO, Railway, Bank PO, UPSC etc.

Agriculture in India

❖ Agriculture plays a vital role in the Indian economy.

❖ Agriculture is the backbone of our country.

❖ It includes farming of crops, animal husbandry, pisciculture, agro-forestry etc.

❖ Over 58% of rural households primarily depend on agriculture.

❖ Agriculture along with fisheries, forestry and other allied sectors contribute around 14% to the overall GDP of our country.

❖ The particular weather and soil conditions allow for crops in India uniquely suited to it.

Types of crops in India

1. Kharif Crops

Sowing Season: May to July.

Harvesting Season: September to October.

Crops are sown at the beginning of south-west monsoon and harvested at the end of the south-west monsoon.

Important Crops: Jowar, Bajra, Rice, Maize, Cotton, Groundnut, Jute, Hemp, Tobacco etc.

2. Rabi Crops

Sowing Season: October to December

Harvesting Season: February to April

Crops need cool climate during growth period but warm climate during the germination of seed and maturation.

Important Crops: Wheat, Barley, Gram, Linseed, Mustard, Masoor & Peas.

3. Zaid Crops

⇒ Sowing Season: February to March.

Harvesting Season: April-May.

These Crops are raised throughout the year due to artificial irrigation.

Requires warm & dry weather for growth and a longer day-length for flowering.

Important Crops: Watermelon, Toris, Cucum­ber & other vegetables.

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