Local Self-Government (Panchayati Raj System)

Local Self-Government (Panchayati Raj System)

Panchayati Raj: Complete GK Polity Study Notes, In this portion we will discuss all the important points which are very essential for all SSC, CHSL, BANK, Railway etc.

What are Panchayats and Municipalities?

Panchayat and Municipality are the generic terms for the governing body at the local level.

Both exist as three tier systems – at the lower, intermediate and upper levels.

The 73rd Amendment act provides for a Gram Sabha as the foundation of the Panchayati Raj system.

It is essentially a village assembly consisting of all the registered voters in the area of the panchayat.

The state has the power to determine what kind of powers it can exercise, and what functions it has to perform at the village level.

The 74th Constitutional Amendment act provides for 3 types of Municipalities:

Nagar Panchayat for a transitional area between a rural and urban area.

Municipal Council for a small urban area.

Municipal Corporation for a large urban area.

Most of the provisions of the two acts are parallel, differing only in the fact that they are being applied to either a Panchayat or a Municipality respectively.

Each Gram sabha is the meeting of a particular constituency called ward.

Each ward has a representative chosen from among the people themselves by direct election.

The chairperson of the Panchayat or Municipality at the intermediate and district level are elected from among these representatives at the immediately lower level by indirect election.

Important key Points:

In January 1957 the Government of India appointed Balwant Rai Mehta Committee.

R. Mehta committee recommended for the establishment of 3-tier structure Panchyati Raj system.

Panchayati Raj first started Nagaur district of Rajasthan in 1959.

In India, 1st Municipal Corporation was set-up in Madras.

The duration of an elected body of Panchayti Raj is 5 Years.

Women gets special representation to Panchayati Raj institution 1/3rd of the total seats are reserved for them.

The decision to hold Panchayat Election is taken by the State Government.

Mayor of Municipal Corporation holds the office for a period of 1 year.

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