Major Stock Exchanges In The World, largest stock exchanges

Major stock exchanges in the world

Major stock exchanges in the world

Here you can find the list of 20 largest stock exchanges in the world. It is an important GK topic for competitive exams like SSC, IBPS, RAILWAY etc.

1. New York Stock Exchange

Economy: United States

Headquarters: New York

Market capitalization: 23139 (USD billions)


Economy: United States

Headquarters: New York

Market capitalization:  10376 (USD billions)

3. London Stock Exchange

Economy: United Kingdom

Headquarters: London

Market capitalization: 8442 (USD billions)

4. Japan Exchange Group

Economy: Japan

Headquarters: Tokyo

Market capitalization: 6288 (USD billions)

5. Shanghai Stock Exchange

Economy: China

Headquarters: Shanghai

Market capitalization: 5023 (USD billions)

6. Euronext

Economy: European Union

Headquarters: Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon, London, Paris

Market capitalization: 4649 (USD billions)

7. Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Economy: Hong Kong

Headquarters: Hong Kong

Market capitalization: 4443 (USD billions)

8. Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Economy: China

Headquarters: Shenzhen

Market capitalization: 3547 (USD billions)

9. Deutsche Börse

Economy: Germany

Headquarters: Frankfurt

Market capitalization: 2339 (USD billions)

10. Bombay Stock Exchange

Economy: India

Headquarters: Mumbai

Market capitalization: 2298 (USD billions)

11. National Stock Exchange of India

Economy: India

Headquarters: Mumbai

Market capitalization: 2273 (USD billions)

12. TMX Group

Economy: Canada

Headquarters: Toronto

Market capitalization: 2246 (USD billions)

13. Korea Exchange

Economy: South Korea

Headquarters: Seoul

Market capitalization: 1841 (USD billions)

14. SIX Swiss Exchange

Economy: Switzerland

Headquarters: Zurich

Market capitalization: 1541 (USD billions)

15. Nasdaq Nordic

Economy: Northern Europe and Armenia

Headquarters: Stockholm

Market capitalization: 1524 (USD billions)

16. Australian Securities Exchange

Economy: Australia

Headquarters: Sydney

Market capitalization: 1442 (USD billions)

17. JSE Limited

Economy: South Africa

Headquarters: Johannesburg

Market capitalization: 1165 (USD billions)

18. Taiwan Stock Exchange

Economy: Taiwan

Headquarters: Taipei

Market capitalization: 1077 (USD billions)

19. B3

Economy: Brazil

Headquarters: São Paulo

Market capitalization: 1073 (USD billions)

20. BME Spanish Exchanges

Economy: Spain

Headquarters: Madrid

Market capitalization: 919 (USD billions)


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