List of Major Plateaus of the World Latest Update 2020

List of Major Plateaus of the World

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1. Tibetan Plateau (Tibet)


  • Popularly known as “the Roof of the World”.
  • Surrounded by imposing mountain ranges that harbour the world’s two highest mountain peak i.e. Mount Everest and K2.
  • Formed due to the collision of the Indo-Australian and Eurasian tectonic plates.

2. Laurentian Plateau (Canada)


  • It is a part of Canadian Shield.
  • It is made of Pre-Cambrian rocks and contains reserves of various types of metallic minerals.
  • Fine quality of iron-ore is found here.

3. Yukon-Kushok Un Plateau (USA)


  • It is lying between Brooks Range and Alaska Mountain.
  • It is an example of international plateau which has been divided into many parts by many rivers.

4. Columbia-Snake Plateau (USA)


  • It is an example of basaltic-lava plateau.
  • River Columbia and its tributary Snake meet in this plateau.
  • The ‘Grand Coulee Dam’ and ‘Bonneville Dam’ on River Columbia is constructed on this plateau region.

5. Colorado Plateau (USA)


  • This plateau is an example of intermontane plateau.
  • Mesas and buttes are found here at many places.
  • It is an example of young plateau.

6. Mexican Plateau (Mexico)


  • In some parts, basin and range type of landform are found.
  • Different types of metallic minerals are obtained from here. Therefore, it is called ‘Mineral Store’.
  • World’s biggest silver mine Chihuahua is situated in the plateau.


7. Patagonia Plateau (Argentina)


  • It is a rain shadow desert plateau.
  • It is also rich in mineral oil.
  • The people here are tallest (6.10 feet) in the world.
  • It is a Piedmont type of plateau.


8. Altiplano (Bolivia)


  • It is an intermontane plateau which is located between two ranges of Andes Mountain.
  • It is a major area of Tin reserves.
  • Capital of Bolivia La Paz and Sucre are situated on this plateau.


9. Siam Plateau (Thailand)


  • It is a highly dissected plateau.
  • River Mekong flows in its east and River Salween in its west part.
  • Teak Forests and found on this plateau.


10. Barkly Plateau (Australia)


  • It is famous for mineral resources, especially Uranium, Copper and Lead.
  • It is characterized with nutritious grasses and cattle ranches (Station) which are bred here.


11. Anatolia Plateau (Turkey)


  • It is a large plateau broken by volcanic fragments.
  • Tigris-Euphrates Rivers flow through this plateau.
  • Precious wool producing Angora goat are found here.


12. Bohemian Plateau (Germany – Czech Republic)


  • It is rich in many minerals.
  • In the winter season, it remain covered with ice and snow.
  • This is covered with evergreen and deciduous forests, social foresting is being planted on the slopes of this plateau to make ecosystem of this Mountain healthy and sustainable.


13. Korat Plateau (Thailand)


  • This plateau is made of red sand stone.
  • Due to thick forests, this plateau is different from other parts of Thailand.
  • It is famous for cultivation of Maize and coarse grains.


14. Potwar Plateau (Pakistan)


  • Its average height is about 300 meters.
  • ‘Salt Range’ is located on it. Chakwal, Kaur, Dhulian and Bikasar are major oil field of this plateau.


15. Kimberley Plateau (Australia)


  • Many metallic minerals are found here, like-Iron, Gold, Head, Zinc and Silver.
  • Diamond is also found here.
  • It is a mining and cattle rearing region of northwest Australia and


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