Learn Vocabulary With Root Words For SSC CGL

[su_heading size=”31″]ROOT WORD VOCABULARY[/su_heading]

Ambul  walk, move        Latin

Amble – Stroll

Ambulant – move around

Ambulance – a vehicle that moves a sick or injured people to and from hospital

Cardi/o heart     Greek  

Cardiovascular –damage to hearts major blood vessels

Cardiologist – a heart doctor

Chron/o               time      Greek  

Anachronism- A person or a thing who/that seems to be displaced in time.

Chronological – arrangement of events in a time-wise order

Synchronize – occurring at the same time

Geo       earth, soil, global            Greek  

Geocentric: representing the earth as the centre; Geometry: branch of maths-related to shapes and dimensions.


Hetero different, other                Greek

Heterogeneous –different

Heteronyms – words with the same spelling but different meanings


Loqu, locu           speak    Latin     

Eloquent – speaking beautifully and forcefully

Loquacious –  talkativeness

Elocution – the art of public speaking

Macro   large, great         Greek

Macroevolution – large scale evolution

Macromolecule – a large molecule

Mal/e   bad, ill, wrong   Latin

Malnutrition: lack of proper nutrition


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