Intelligence agencies of Different Countries, Intelligence agencies

List of Intelligence Agencies of different Countries

List of Intelligence Agencies of different Countries

yourclasses: Here are some of the most feared intelligence agencies around the world. Build GK about world’s top Intelligence and Detective Agencies for SSC, UPSC, IAS and other related exams.

1. Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) India

2. Inter Services Intelligence (I.S.I.) – Pakistan

3. Central External Liaison Department – China

4. Australian Security & Intelligence Organization – Australia

5. Bureau of State Security (B.O.S.S.) – South Africa

6. M.I. (Military Intelligence)-5 & 6 – U. K.

7. K.G.B./G.R.U. – Russia

8. Central Intelligence Agencies (CIA) – U.S.A.

9. MOSSAD – Israel

10. Mukhbarat – Egypt

11. Naicho – Japan

12. G.S.E. (Direction General de Securite Exterieur) – France


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