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Indus Valley Civilization: Important Questions & Answers

Indus Valley Civilization: Important Questions & Answers

Here we are providing History notes on Indus Valley civilization. Most Important Questions on Harrappan Civilisation & Indus Valley. These Questions will be helpful for your upcoming exams like SSC CGL, RAILWAYS etc.

1. In which year and by whom the Harappan city Chanhudaro was excavated?
Ans. In 1931, by M. G. Majumdar

2. Where the Harappan city Chanhudaro was situated ?
Ans. In Sindh now in Pakistan

3. For what chanhudaro was famous?
Ans. Bead making shop

4. When and by whom the lothal was excavated?
Ans. In 1957, by S. R. Rao and M. S. Vats

5. In which of the Harappan city remains of a dockyard was found?
Ans. Lothal

6. In which of the Harappan city rice husks were found?
Ans. Lothal and Rangpur

7. In which of the Harappan city a measuring scale was found?
Ans. Lothal

8. On the bank of which river Kalibanga was situated?
Ans. Ghagar

9. In which Harappan city evidence of bangles was found?
Ans. Kalibanga

10. Which materials were used in making buildings in Harappan culture?
Ans. Terracotta

11. How many seals have been found in Harappa Civilization?
Ans. 2000 approx.

12. To which age Harappan culture belongs?
Ans. Bronze Age

13. For which region in Harappan culture ‘Meluha’ was used?
Ans. Indus Region

14. In which civilization UR was used for a place?
Ans. Mesopotamia

15. For which region Dilman was used for a place?
Ans. Island of Bahrain

16. From which places silver was imported to Indus cities?
Ans. Food-grains and cotton

17. Silver were imported to Indus cities from which places?
Ans. Afghanistan and Iran

18. From which places copper was imported?
Ans. South India and Baluchistan

19. From which place Lapiz-Lazuli was imported?
Ans. Badakhshan

20. From where Turquoise was imported to Indus valley?
Ans. From Iran

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