Indian Rivers: Important Geography Questions

Indian Rivers: Important Geography Questions

The Rivers & Drainage System of India GK Quiz contains important questions covering rivers and drainage system in India. This topic is important for SSC, Railway, Banking etc.

1. By what name is the Ganga known in Bangladesh ?

Answer: Padma

2. Krishan Raja Sagara Dam being constructed on which rivers ?

Answer: Cauvery

3. River Indus originates from which place ?

Answer: Kailash range

4. Narmada river originates from Amarkantak in which place ?

Answer: Madhya Pradesh

5. Name the river which flows in Indian desert ?

Answer: Luni

6. The river Cauvery originates from which state ?

Answer: Karnataka

7. The river Brahmaputra turns into India around which mountains ?

Answer: Namcha Barwa

8. Which two rivers form world’s largest delta ?

Answer: Ganges & Brahmaputra

9. The river on which the reservoir for Indira Gandhi Canal has been built is ?

Answer: Sutlej

10. Which is the origin of Krishna river?

Answer: Western Ghat

11. Penganga, Wardha, and Wainganga are the tributaries of which river ?

Answer: Godavari

12. Lohit, Dibang, Subansiri,Tista,Manas are the tributaries of Which river ?

Answer: Brahmaputra

13. On which rivers is located Indo-Pak Baglihar project ?

Answer: Chenab

14. Name the rivers which forms an estuary ?

Answer: Narmada

15. Which rivers flow through a rift valley ?

Answer: Narmada ,Tapti

16. The longest river of peninsular India is

Answer: Godavari

17. Which rivers is known as “Vridhay Ganga”

Answer: Godavari

18. By which name does the Brahmaputra enters into India ?

Answer: Tsangpo

19. Which east flowing rivers of India has rift valley due to down warping ?

Answer: Damodar

20. The chilka lake region lies in between the deltas of which river

Answer: Mahanadi and Godavari

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