Important Sports Terminology, SSC CGL & Railway Preparation

Important Sports Terminology For SSC CGL Prelims

Important Sports Terminology For SSC/BANK

yourclasses: The List of Important Sports Terminologies were given below here which was most expected GK Question for SSC CGL, IBPS and other related exams.

Athletics – Baton, Hammer, Heptathlon, Hurdles, Lane, Lap, Marathon, Relay.

Badminton- Deuce, Smash, Drop, Let, Game, Love, Double Fault.

Baseball-  Pitcher, Strike, Diamond, Bunting, Home, Put Out.

Billiards – Jigger, Break, Scratch, Cannons, Pot, Cue, In Baulk, In Off.

Boxing – Jab, Hook, Punch, Knock-out, Upper cut, Kidney Punch.

Bridge – Revoke, Ruff, Dummy, Little Slam, Grand Slam, Trump, Diamonds, Tricks

Chess – Gambit, Checkmate, Stalemate, Check.

Cricket – Follow on, Googly, Silly Point, Duck, Drive, No ball, Cover point, Pitch, Crease, Leg-Break, Hit-Wicket, Bouncer, Stone-Walling etc.

Football – Dribble, Off-Side, Penalty, Throw-in, Hat-Trick, Foul, Touch, Down, Drop Kick, Stopper.

Golf – Hole, Bogey, Put, Stymie, Caddie, Tee, Links, Putting the green.

Hockey – Bully, Short corner, Striking Circle, Under cutting, Scoop, Center forward, Carry, Dribble, Carried.

Horse Racing – Punter, Jockey, Place, Win, Protest.

Kho-Kho – Runner, Chaser, Poleby, Out, Foul.

Lawn Tennis – Volley, Smash, Service, Back-hand-drive.

Polo – Chukker, Bunker, Mallet.

Rifle Shooting – Bull’s eyes.

Rugby Football – Drop Kick, Screen.

Shooting – Bag, bull’s eye, marksmanship, plug, skeet, etc.

Skiing – Tobogganing.

Swimming – Add Up, Anchor,Backstroke, Beep, Bonus Heat, Breaststroke, Bull Pen, Check-Out, Gun Lap, Jump, Lane Lines, Parka, Pool, Pull Buoy, Split, Stroke.

Table Tennis – Backhand, Backspin, Block, Chop, Doubles, Drop shot, Expedite rule, Forehand, Inverted, Lob, Long pips, Loop, Penhold, Pips-in, Pips-out, Push, Seemiller, Serve, Set, Shakehands, Sidespin, Skunk, Smash, Topspin.

Volleyball – Deuce  Booster, Spikers, Service, Love.

Weight Lifting – Bulking, bitch tits, shredded, Drop Sets/Strip Sets, Pyramiding, Standard Plates and Bars etc.

Wrestling – Heave, Half Nelson.

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