Important Phrasal Verbs-2

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1. Come Around – Change one’s position or opinion (or) happen regularly.
Ex. – They weren’t concerned. It’s not like anybody came around and told them to leave

2. Come After – Follow, as a result, come after in time
Ex. – The investigation comes after a series of blast book place in Hyderabad.

3. Come into – Obtain something, especially accidently.
Ex. – Demonetisation will come into effect from 8th November.

4. Come into – Fall backwards or Fall down
Ex. – His country is at risk of falling back into civil war for the third time in five decades.

5. Fall upon – Attain, chance on, come across, light upon, strike etc.
Ex. – My despondent gaze felt upon a large artificial charismas tree.

6. Fall through – Fail utterly, collapse, be unsuccessful.
Ex. – The temperature on Friday night fell through the annual average temperature.

Go: -7. Go ahead – Proceed with a plan or action
Ex. – I went ahead and took over her restaurant for its renovation.

8. Go into – To examine or investigate, enter, get into
Ex. – CBI get into the outskirts to examine the murder case.

9. Go through – To read/study properly
-To suffer
Ex. – Please go through this chapter properly.
–   I am going through a lot of pain these days



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