Important Phrasal Verbs – 1

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Bring down –       Move something or somebody to a lower position.
Ex.              –        They did not agree to bring down the market price.

Bring forth –        Bring into existence or bring out for display.
Ex.                   –     These events bring forth the greatness of our democracy.

Bring round –       Cause to adopt an apinion
Ex.              –           I think I can bring her around to agreeing with the plan.

Break through –     Pass through (a barrier.)
Ex.                –           The sun broke through the clouds.

Break out –           Begin suddenly or escape suddenly
Ex.             –           Riots broke out in the city.

Break off –           Interrupt before its natural or planned end
Ex.            –           She broke off their relationship.

Give up –           Put an end to a state or an activity.
Ex.            –         He gave up his body building profession.

Give way –           Move in order to make room for someone
Ex.            –           Please give way to the ambulance.

Give into –           To agree upon something
Ex.            –           Finally he has given into the argument.

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