List of Most Asked Words in Competitive Exams (VOCABULARY)

List of Most Asked Words in Competitive Exams



  1. Nudged (Verb) – धकेल देना

Definition: touch or push (something) gently or gradually.

Synonyms: touch, bump (against), push (against), run into

Antonyms: discourage, pull, repress

Usage: the canoe nudged a bank of reeds


  1. Explicitly (Adverb) – स्पष्ट रूप से

Definition: in a clear and detailed manner, leaving no room for confusion or doubt.

Synonyms: specially, decidedly, surprisingly.

Antonyms: normally, usually, commonly.

Usage: the essay should state explicitly how the facts support the thesis


  1. Supersede (Verb) – जगह लेना

Definition: take the place of (a person or thing previously in authority or use); supplant.

Synonyms: replace, supplant, take the place of, take over from, substitute for, displace, oust, overthrow

Antonyms: keep, stay, accept.

Usage: the older models of car have now been superseded


  1. Turbulence (Noun) – अशांति

Definition: violent or unsteady movement of air or water, or of some other fluid.

Antonym: Peace, Serenity, Quenching

Synonym: Upheaval, turbulency, turbulences

Example: Sienna’s year has been marked by violent or overwhelming turbulence.

  1. Deployed (Verb) –तैनात करना

Meaning: move (troops or equipment) into position for military action.

Synonyms: position, station, post, place, install, locate

Antonyms: concentrate

Usage: “Profiting from a mutiny, the rebel forces deployed their troops rapidly and cut the country virtually in two.”


  1. Outrageous (Adjective) –अपमानजनक

Meaning: shockingly bad or excessive.

Synonyms: shocking, disgraceful, scandalous

Antonyms: acceptable, mild, moderate

Usage: “There had to be a reason why he lost control and watched helplessly as his own body committed such an outrageous act.”


  1. Dispensation (Noun) –एक नियम या सामान्य आवश्यकता से छूट

Meaning: exemption from a rule or usual requirement.

Synonyms: exemption, immunity, exception

Antonyms: responsibility, liability, obligation

Usage: “The political dispensation to follow will be either stable or colonial, but not both.”


  1. Reviled (Verb) –बुरा-भला कहना

Meaning: criticize in an abusive or angrily insulting manner.

Synonyms: criticize, censure, condemn

Antonyms: praise, extol, approve

Usage: “People who are creative, who invent and discover new ways are reviled.”

  1. Connivance (Noun) –मिलीभगत

Meaning: Willingness to secretly allow or be involved in wrongdoing, especially an immoral or illegal act.

Synonyms: collusion, complicity, collaboration

Antonyms: assistance, abetment, aid

Usage: “The culmination of this is the present unfolding catastrophe, which required the moral connivance, in one way or another, of nearly every sector of civil society.”


  1. Rampage (Noun) –हिसात्मक आचरण

Meaning: A period of violent and uncontrollable behaviour, typically involving a large group of people.

Synonyms: berserk, out of control, wild, bonkers

Antonyms: calmness, delight, pleasure, amusement

Usage: “Hamer residents say they are living in fear after gangs went on the rampage and vandalised cars.”


  1. Ransacked (Verb) –तोड़फोड़ करना

Meaning: Go hurriedly through (a place) stealing things and causing damage.

Synonyms: plunder, pillage, steal from

Antonyms: cleaned, found, gave

Usage: “It’s unusual for someone to strike like this during the day and to ransack the place in such a disturbing way.”


  1. Detained (Verb) –देर करना

Meaning: Keep (someone) in official custody, typically for questioning about a crime or in politically sensitive situations.

Synonyms: delay, hold up, make late

Antonyms: freed, lost, released

Usage: “If people are unlawfully detained, they have a right to be free?”

  1. Congregated (Verb) –एकत्रित होना

Meaning: gather into a crowd or mass.

Synonyms: assemble, gather, collect, accumulate, gather

Antonyms: disperse, scatter, dissolve, diffuse

Usage: “As she neared the Village Square, she saw a crowd of people congregated there.”


  1. Assertions (Noun) –अभिकथन

Meaning: a confident and forceful statement of fact or belief.

Synonyms: declaration, contention, statement, speech, contention, account

Antonyms: disavowals, denial, desertion, repudiations, renunciation, abandonment

Usage: “Imposing such a ban requires far more compelling logic than the assertion that we should not play God.”


  1. Accorded (Verb) –प्रदान करना

Meaning: give or grant someone (power, status, or recognition).

Synonyms: give, grant, tender, stretch, allowance, kind-hearted

Antonyms: withhold, remove, refuse, confiscate

Usage: “Sand back has never received the recognition accorded his minimalist peers.”


  1. Creeping (Verb) –रेंगना

Meaning: move slowly and carefully in order to avoid being heard or noticed.

Synonyms: crawl, move on all fours, move on hands and knees, Crawling, Slithering, Scrambling

Antonyms: barrelling, bolting, breakneck, fastening, quick

Usage: “She carefully crept around them and made her way to Fiona.”

  1. Expertise (Noun) –विशेषज्ञता

Meaning: expert skill or knowledge in a particular field.

Synonyms: skill, skilfulness, expertness, ability, astuteness

Antonyms: incompetence, ineffectiveness, ineptitude, uselessness

Usage: “Each member casts a ballot for the category of competition in their field of expertise.”


  1. Overdue (Adjective) –अतिदेय

Meaning: not having arrived, happened, or been done by the expected time.

Synonyms: late, not on time, behind, schedule

Antonyms: early, punctual, on time

Usage: “All I’m saying is that we’re 7 years overdue for skinny ties and narrow lapels.”


  1. Devastated (Verb) –तहस-नहस किया हुआ

Meaning: destroy or ruin.

Synonyms: destroy, ruin, leave in ruins

Antonyms: fixed, repaired, sober

Usage: “the city was devastated by a huge earthquake”


  1. Evacuation (Noun) –निष्क्रमण

Meaning: the action of evacuating a person or a place.

Synonyms: removal, clearance, shifting

Antonyms: retention, holding, preservation, withholding

Usage: “there were waves of evacuation during the blitz”


  1. The most appropriate one word for “A person with a long experience of any occupation” is – “Veteran”
  2. The most appropriate one word for “Something capable of being done” is – Feasible.
  3. Men living in the same age – Contemporary
  4. A list of books and writings of one author or one subject – Bibliography
  5. A yearly celebration of a date or an event – Anniversary
  6. A person who is killed because of their religious or other beliefs – Martyr
  7. Inability to sleep – Insomnia
  8. A list of name of books – Catalogue
  9. A person in a vehicle or on horseback escorting another vehicle – Escort
  10. Intentional destruction of racial groups –Genocide



  1. (A) Perceived

      (B) Preceived

      (C) Percived

      (D) Precieved


2. (A) Shrival

      (B) Shrivvel

      (C) Shrivval

      (D) Shrivel

  1. (A) Fellacious

     (B) Fallecious

     (C) Falacious

     (D) Fallacious


  1. (A) Iresistible

     (B) Irresistible

     (C) Irresistieble

     (D) Irresistible

  1. (A) Achivment

      (B) Achievment

      (C) Achivement

      (D) Achievement


  1. (A) Irrelevant

      (B) Irelevant

      (C) Irrealevant

      (D) Irrelevent

  1. (A) Qurantine

     (B) Quarentine

     (C) Quarantine

     (D) Qurentine


  1. (A) Relistically

     (B) Realistically

     (C) Rielistically

     (D) Realisticelly


  1. (A) Fullfiled

     (B) Fullfilled

     (C) Fulfiled

     (D) Fulfilled


  1. (A) Kil

     (B) Kiln

     (C) Nkil

     (D) Keln


  1. Explore all avenues

Meaning – Trying out every possibility to get a result.

Example – It is a difficult thing to do but if we really want it done, we must explore all avenues.

 2. Fast track something

Meaning – Rating something higher on your priority list to achieve the desired result.

Example – In view of the seriousness of the crime, civil society is pressing up on a fast track decision from the court.

3. Banana republic:

Meaning: – Banana republic is a term used for small countries that are dependent on a single

crop or resource and governed badly by a corrupt elite.

Example: – The man was talking like he would become some dictator of a banana republic and throw and his political enemies in jail.


4. Bend over backwards:

Meaning: – If someone bends over backward, they do everything they can to help someone.

Example: – “We bent over backward to help him, and he never ever thanked us.”

  1. Beg the question:

Meaning: – In philosophy “to beg the question” is to assume something to be true that has not yet been proved. I have seen the idiom also mean that a question is crying out to be asked.

Example: – Shopping now for a dress to wear to the ceremony is really begging the question-she hasn’t been invented yet.


  1. Get out of hand

Meaning: – If a situation gets out of hand, it cannot be controlled any longer.

Example: – Two men in the club had an argument that got out of hand and the police were called


  1. A blessing in disguise

Meaning: – a good thing that seemed bad at first

Example: – Being caught in that traffic jam was a blessing in disguise


  1. A dime a dozen

Meaning: –Something common

Example: – Those antique dishes are pretty, but they’re a dime a dozen.



  1. Turn a blind eye:

Meaning: – When people turn a blind eye, they deliberately ignore something, especially if people are doing something wrong.

Explanation: – Whenever a girl turns a blind eye on your comments – it doesn’t mean that she started liking you.


  1. Yellow press:

Meaning: – The yellow press is a term for the popular and sensationalist newspapers.

Explanation: – I can’t believe you read those tabloids—they’re just yellow press stuffed with ads.








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