Important Current Affairs 7 February 2021 in Hindi & Daily GK Update

भारत और विदेश से सम्बंधित 7 February 2021  in Hindi कर्रेंट अफेयर्स के प्रश्न और उत्तर हिंदी मे जारी किए गए सभी करेंट अफेयर्स प्रश्नोत्तरी आने वाली SSC, UPSC, Bank, Railway, Clerk, PO परीक्षाओं के लिए सहायक होंगी, 16 th January 2021  in Hindi के बारे में यदि आपका प्रश्न है तो कृपया कमेंट के जरिए हम तक पहुचाएं.



GK Quiz on 7th February 2021 in Hindi


  1. Recently, the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has released the Longitudinal Ageing Study of India (LASI) Wave-1 Report on the virtual platform. In context to the same tell us in which year LASI was commissioned?

(A) 2014

(B) 2015

(C) 2016

(D) 2017



  1. As per a recent study, published in the journal Science, based on analyses of blood samples from 188 patients, Covid-19 survivors have protective immunity from the coronavirus for months or years, after infection. In context to the same tell us the condition in which the air sacs of the lungs are damaged and enlarged, causing breathlessness is called as –

(A) Emphysema

(B) Influenza

(C) Pneumonia

(D) Lung cancer



  1. Recently, the final session of India’s seventh Trade Policy Review (TPR) concluded at the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Geneva, Switzerland. In context to the same tell us if the Balance of Payment of a country is adverse, then which institution can help that country?

(A) World Bank

(B) World Trade Organization

(C) International Monetary Fund

(D) Asian Development Bank



  1. China has held its third multilateral dialogue virtually with countries from South Asia to take forward closer cooperation on Covid-19. In context to the same tell us which of the following country does not have diplomatic relations with China?

(A) India

(B) Bhutan

(C) Thailand

(D) Sri Lanka



  1. A recent exploration by Geological Survey of India (GSI) has found reserves of Vanadium in Arunachal Pradesh. What is the atomic number of Vanadium?

(A) 24

(B) 23

(C) 22

(D) 21



  1. India, for the eighth time, has entered the United Nations Security Council (UNSC)as a non-permanent member recently.

Consider the following statements regarding UNSC –

(1) Article 23 of the UN Charter concerns the composition of the UNSC.

(2) The UNSC is composed of 15 members, 5 permanents and 10 non-permanent.
(3) In every two years, the General Assembly elects five non-permanent members out of ten in total for a two-year term.

Which of the above is/are correct?

(A) Only (1) and (3)

(B) Only (2) and (1)

(C) Only (3) and (2)

(D) None of the above



  1. Recently, a Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) has been reported for the first time in India.

Consider the following statements regarding LSDs –

(I) The Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) infecting India’s bovines.

(II) This is caused by poxvirus Lumpy skin disease virus.

(III) It appears as nodules of two to five centimetre diameter all over the body.

Which of the above is/are correct?

(A) Only (1) and (3)

(B) Only (1) and (2)

(C) Only (3) and (2)

(D) All are correct



  1. Recently, the Supreme Court (SC) has taken suo motu cognizance of pollution of water bodies by untreated sewage to immediately stop Haryana from discharging pollutants into the Yamuna river.

Consider the following statements regarding Yamuna river –

(I) The river Yamuna, a major tributary of river Brahmputra.

(II) It originates near Bandarpoonch peaks in the Mussoorie range of the lower Himalayas.

(III) Two major dams on Yamuna are Lakhwar-Vyasi Dam (Uttarakhand) and Tajewala Barrage Dam (Haryana).

(A) Only (1) and (2)

(B) Only (2) and (3)

(C) Only (3) and (1)

(D) All are correct



  1. The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) has launched PMKVY 3.0 to empower India’s youth with employable skills.

Match the following –

Schemes/Missions                                                    Launched year

(a) Skill India Mission                                             1- 2015

(b) Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana                 2- 2016

(c) Saubhagya                                                            3- 2014

(d) Swachchh Bharat Mission                             4- 2017


(A) a-1, b-4, c-3, d-2

(B) a-2, b-3, c-1, d-4

(C) a-1, b-2, c-4, d-3

(D) a-1, b-3, c-2, d-4



  1. Recently, Russia withdraw the Open Skies Treaty (OST) citing, earlier withdrawal of the USA from the treaty.

In context to the same, match the following treaties with their related years’ –

(a) Treaty of Salbai                    1- 1782

(b) Treaty of Purandar            2- 1776

(c) Treaty of Wadgaon              3- 1779


(A) a-1, b-2, c-3

(B) a-2, b-3, c-1

(C) a-3, b-2, c-1

(D) a-1, b-3, c-2


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