Idioms and Phrases Related to Colours asked in SSC CGL



Red-letter day

    • Noteworthy or memorable day.
    • उल्लेखनीय या यादगार दिन।

To paint the town red

To enjoy oneself by indulging in entertaining activities

खुशियां मनाना

In the red

    • Indebt, to be in financial danger
    • वित्तीय खतरे में होना; कर्ज में होना

Like a red rag to a bull

    • Something that will result in an angry or violent reaction
    • भड़काऊ

Red tapism

    • Extreme formalities
    • अत्यधिक औपचारिकता

Red bait

    • To accuse someone, to criticize someone
    • किसी की आलोचना या निंदा करना

To catch someone red-handed

    • To catch someone while they are doing crime/ something illegal
    • रंगे हाथों पकड़ना

To look through rose coloured/ tinted glasses

    • To see only good points in someone/ something; to be optimistic

Red herring

    • Something that misleads or distracts

To see red

    • To become very angry.

Purple in the face/ purple with rage

    • To become extremely angry

Purple heart

    • Bravehearted person


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