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How to prepare for English section (Bank and SSC) together:-



English is the most comprehensive and important part of any exam whether it is Bank or SSC. Sometimes we ignore it being too weak in it and sometimes due to overconfidence in ourselves regarding English. Being it SSC or Bank, the paper pattern and level of questions have always changed and got updated according to the most difficult level as per the sections individually.

Many aspirants are in dilemma that the course of English varies in Banking and SSC, but to the utmost shock let me tell you that the course is almost the same, the difference is somewhere of level and of some categories of questions. The following things do not appear in the paper of Bank:-

  • Antonyms
  • Synonyms
  • One word substitution
  • Idiom – phrase
  • Active / Passive
  • Narration


The above-mentioned categories of questions do not appear separately in the Banking examination. But, not to surprise you, almost each and every question category is there in the Banking English section. How??   Let me answer this.

When we are given with a passage to be solved the following types of questions appear:-


Q1) What is the synonym of the underlined word in the passage?

Q2) What is the antonym of the underlined word in the passage?

Q3) What does the underlined phrase in the passage represent?

Q4) What does the phrase “…………………..” represents in the passage?

Q5) What can be the passive form of the sentence “…………………..”, used in the passage?

Q6) What can be the suitable word to substitute the line “………………..” in the passage?

Q7) How the given phrase “………………..” can be written in indirect form so that its meaning remains the same ?


The above questions are nothing else than the other way around asking Antonyms, Synonyms, Idiom – Phrase, One word, Active/Passive and Narration. Students underestimate these sections in banking English because questions are not represented separately as does in SSC. So the very next question is when each and everything is appearing in both the exams (definitely in different representational ways), is it possible to prepare for both these Exams together ?

The answer to the above question is “Yes” but how is yet to be answered. Let us talk how to prepare it and make things stay for longer times in our minds. Let’s talk about the categories and how to prepare?

  • Grammar-

In both the exams Bank and SSC, grammar can be tested through questions like:-

  • Error Spotting
  • Sentence Improvement
  • Error Detection


To answer any of the above questions you need to be apt in grammar and some exceptional concepts to. Some basic grammar books will be good to start the preparation and then you must practice previously appeared questions and note the concepts used in them. Grammar has unlimited rules but some certainly are used in competitive exams as the examiner’s choice, just like “It is time” and “It is high time” are two most important phrases which examiner uses always to form questions.


  • Fillers

Most commonly appearing questions in exams since our childhood is fill in the blanks. In childhood we were tested on the basis or story we were already told but here no relation with anything will be there. If you can understand the context of the point, then you can hit the correct answer else you will be struggling with the close options provided. The best way to prepare fillers is by reading a lot of stuff so that you may develop a better understanding of the concept and context of written texts.


  • Parajumbles or Rearrangement –

In order to test candidates’ abilities of finding a proper logic in any randomy stated lines, the questions of parajumbles/ rearrangement or PQRS are given in examination. No matter how many tricks to solve parajumbles are stated, one can only attempt every question correct If one gets the context of the whole passage correctly. Reading allows you to develop this ability in every possible term. Apart from this, practicing different types of parajumbles from previous years’ papers is one of the best strategies.


  • Passage

If we talk about a section with which students are most afraid of, it is “Passage”. Just because we always try to keep ourselves away from reading the same is the case with passage. We never have been into reading a good number of books intentionally. The arising problems in solving the “Passage” is the outcome of that only. If we start reading a good amount of things and start making the short summary of those things, no passage will be left unanswered by us. The question may arise what to read out of all the available resources. I would answer, if you read only the passages that have appeared in previous years, it will be more than sufficient. Just give it a try and see the improvement right from the moment you started.


  • Vocabulary

Just because Hindi is our native language does not mean the words of English are too tough to be remembered. When you were of age 2 or 3, you the vocabulary of maybe 1 or 2 words and that too your and that too unconsciously. How did you develop your Hindi language with so many words ? how can you understand things even if a babbler speaks something in Hindi ? the answer is dedication. Just at the moment you started growing up and heard people around you talking, you too grabbed the words in order to express your needs and mind and ultimately you became able to say anything and everything in English. The same desire and need is to be felt in English too. The day you will feel the need, the very same day you will find every word easy to be remembered. The first step in this journey must be reading.


  • Cloze test –

The concept of cloze test is a combination of fill in the blanks and passage. A paragraph is given out of which some words will be drawn off and blank space will be provided. Students need to choose options for every individual blank space. Do you think doing this can be easy ? yes it can be easy and may not be. If you know the difference between two close words (like skill and talent), then you can expect to hit the correct answer. There is a benefit in cloze test that each blank space is interrelated with its adjacent two options. If you understood the theme and context of the whole passage. Cloze test will be a piece of cake. Start reading as the prior most step for improvement of English.



The best way to prepare for any competitive exam is through previous years papers. So, go for that prior. Secondly, there are some online books available online that have proven themselves as the best study source and have got the best ratings from students. One such book I am going to suggest to you today. The book is “Digibooks” from “Yourclasses” blindly trusted by the students because around 70 percent of the questions that appeared in exams resembles in “digibooks”. Do give it a try and add icing on the cake in your preparation strategy.


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