Heads/CEOs of Important Organizations in India & World For All Exams

In this blog, we are providing you with a complete list of the important offices and Position Holders of the organization in India and the world. This information is very vital as in many SSC & Railway exams direct questions are being asked from this topic. The General Awareness section is an important part of all  Government exams. We wish you good luck for the upcoming Exams.



Heads/CEOs of Important Organizations


1.       Disney –Bob Chapek


2.Berkshire Hathaway –


warren Buffett
3.Amazon –


Jeff Bezos
4.Yahoo –Thomas J Mclnerney


5.Youtube –


Susan Wojcicki
6.Google  –Sunder Pichai


7.Microsoft –


Satya Nadella 
8.MasterCard companyAjay Pal Singh Banga
9Coca Cola –James Quincey 


10.Twitter Inc.-Jack Dorsey


12.Xiaomi company –


Lei Jun
15.Wipro company –Abidali Neemuchwala 


16.Apple inc. –Tim Cook


17.        UBER –


Dara khosrowahi
18.Adobe company –


Shantanu Narain


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