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Gupta Empire: Important History Questions

Gupta Empire: Important History Questions

Here are some important questions and answers for related Gupta Empire and Some are Objective Type GK Questions of Gupta Empire for SSC and All Other Competitive Exams.

1. What was the official language during Gupta period?

Answer: Sanskrit

2. Of which religion the rulers of Gupta dynasty were followers?

Answer: Hindu religion.

3. Which was the famous sea-port on the west coast of India during Gupta Period?

Answer: Broach.

4. Who started the Gupta era?

Answer: Chandragupta 1 in 320 AD.

5. Which period is known as ‘golden age of Indian history’?

Answer: Gupta period.

6. In Indian history who is known as ‘Napolean of India?

Answer: Samudragupta.

7. During which period the famous Sanskrit book “Panchtantra” a collection of tales had been written?

Answer: Gupta period, Written by Vishnu Sharma

8. Who was shown in some of the gold coins as seated 01 a couch and playing on the Veena?

Answer: Samudragupta.

9. During which period the great epics the Ramayan and the Mahabharat were given the final form?

Answer: During Gupta period.

10. Which ruler of the Gupta period is associated with pillar at Mehrauli?

Answer: Chandragupta Vikramaditya.

11. Who authored the inscriptions engraved on the pillar at Allahabad?

Answer: Harisena.

12. Why Nagarjuna was famous during Gupta period?

Answer: He was a renowned chemist.

13. In which language the inscriptions are engraved on Allahabad pillar?

Answer: Sanskrit.

14. Where was the centre of higher education during Gupta period?

Answer: Nalanda University.

15. To which period cave paintings of Ajanta belonged?

Answer: Gupta period.

16. Who established Nalanda University?

Answer: Kumargupta.

17. Which Gupta ruler is known as Sakari and why?

Answer: Chandragupta Vikramaditya, because he conquered the Saka.

18. Who was the galaxy of scholars in the court of Chandragupta Vikramaditya?

Answer: Aryabhatta, Kalidasa, Varahmihira, Dhanvantri, Amar Singh and Brahmagupta.

19. Who wrote the famous book ‘Surya Siddhanta’?

Answer: Aryabhatta.

20. A Chinese pilgrim, ‘Fahyan’ visited India during the reign of which Gupta ruler?

Answer: Chandragupta Vikramaditya.

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