GS Notes on Jainism for SSC exams

GS Notes on Jainism for SSC exams

Dear Readers, today we are providing some Important facts about Jainism which is a very important topic for the SSC Exams. Study Notes on Jainism for SSC Exams.

Important Facts

* Jainism was founded by Aadinath and Rishabha Dev, while the real founder was Mahavir swami.

* The five Mahavarta (important principles) of Jainism are-: Ahimsa, Satya (truth), Asteya (not to steal), Aparigraha and Brahmacharya.

* The first 4 was added by 23rd Tirthankar “Parasnath” while the 5th was added by Mahavira.

* Vardhamana Mahavira was a contemporary of Buddha.

Vardhaman Mahavira (539- 467 B.C.)

* Vardhamana Mahavira was the 24th Tirthankar of the Jain tradition. He is considered the last tirthankar.

* He was born at Kundagrama near Vaishali in about 546 BC.

* He was born to Kshatriya parents Siddhartha and Trishala.

* He was married to Yasoda and had a daughter from his marriage named Anojja or Priyadarsana.

* He renounced the world at the age of thirty to become an ascetic and wandered for twelve years. He also practiced self-mortification for these years.

* In the 13th year of his penance, he attained the highest spiritual knowledge by triumphing over himself. This knowledge is called Kevala Gnan.

* Thereafter, he was called Mahavira, Jina, Kevalin.

* His followers were called the Jains and this religion came to be known as Jainism.

* From this time till his death, he preached his doctrines for 30 years.

* He died at the age of 72 at Pava near Rajagriha (now in Patna district).

List of Jain Thirthankaras

  1. Rishabhdev
  2. Ajitnath
  3. Sambhavnath
  4. Abhinandan
  5. Sumitnath
  6. Padmaprabhu
  7. Suparsavanath
  8. Suridhi
  9. Chandraprabh
  10. Sheetal Nath
  11. Shreyanshanath
  12. Vasupujya
  13. Vimalnath
  14. Anandanath
  15. Dharmanath
  16. Shantinath
  17. Kunthunath
  18. Arnath
  19. Mallinath
  20. Munisuvrata nath
  21. Neminath
  22. Arishtanemi
  23. Parshvanath
  24. Mahavira

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