First in the World: GK Notes

First in the World: GK Notes

Here, we are giving a complete list of First in World with achiever in different categories like nobel prize, sports, politics etc. GK for SSC, BANK and other competitive Exams.

1. First man to reach South Pole – Ronald Amundsen

2. First man to reach North Pole – Robert Peary

3. First country to print books – China

4. First country to issue paper currency – China

5. First men to climb Mt. Everest – Sherpa Tenzing Norgay & Edmund Hillary

6. First country to start Civil Services Competition – China

7. First country to make education compulsory – Prussia

8. First country to make a constitution – United States of America

9. First country to send human to Moon – United States of America

10. First country to launch satellite into space – Russia

11. First man to set foot on the Moon – Neil Armstrong (U.S.A.)

12. First man to go into space – Major Yuri Gagarin (USSR)

13. First Space Shuttle launched – Columbia

14. First Space Ship landed on Mars – Viking-I (1976)

15. First Woman Prime Minister of a country – S. Bhandamayake (Sri Lanka)

16. First Woman cosmonaut in space – Valentina Tereshkova ( USSR )

17. First Woman to climb Mt. Everest – Junko Tabei (Japan)

18. First Woman President of UN General Assembly – Smt. Vijayalakshmi Pandit

19. First Man to draw the map of earth – Anexemander

20. First man to win Nobel Prize for Literature – Rene F.A. & Sulli Pradhom (France)

21. First man to win Nobel Prize for Peace – Jin F Dunant (Switzerland) & Frederic Peiry (France)

22. First man to win Nobel Prize for Physics – W.K. Roentgen (Germany)

23. First man to win Nobel Prize for Chemistry – J.H. Wenthoff (Howlland)

24. First man to win Nobel Prize for Medicine – A.E. Worm Behrig (Germany)

25. First man to win Nobel Prize for Economics – Rangar Fish (Norway) & John Tinbergen (Howlland)

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