Double Fillers Questions for SSC SBI, PO, Clerk Exams

Double Fillers for SBI PO 2020 | English Quizzes

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    • The protest were _________ at __________ awareness among the educated and elite class people.
    1. Focused, Building.
    2. Concentrated, Producing.
    3. Aimed, Creating.
    4. Held, Generating.

Answer C

    • The actress is __________ that she has not only acted opposite her childhood hero but has also _________ out a song and recited a poem on stage with the living legend.
    1. Overjoyed, Belted.
    2. Elated, Made.
    3. Ecstatic, Written.
    4. Tense, Prepared.

Answer B

    • ___________ to popular belief that red meat makes humans _________, scientists have found that it actually has a calming effect.
    1. Dissimilar, Happy.
    2. Opposite, Intelligent.
    3. Contrary, Aggressive.
    4. Sticking, Hostile.

Answer C

    • The injured security guard was first _________ to a small private hospital from where he was shifted to a bigger civil hospital as his, _________ deteriorated.
    1. Rushed, Condition.
    2. Hurried, Status.
    3. Taken, Life.
    4. Hastened, Health.

Answer A

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