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Rise and Growth of the MAGADHA EMPIRE (Part-1)

Rise and Growth of the MAGADHA EMPIRE (Part-1)

Here, we are giving a brief summary on the Rise and Growth of Magadha Empire for the preparation of the competitive examinations like UPSC, SSC, State Services, NDA, CDS, and Railways etc.


The Magadha Empire came into existence when the four Mahajanpadas- Magadha, Kosala, Vatsa and Avanti were engaged in the struggle for the supremacy from the 6th Century BC to 4th Century BC.

  • Of all the kingdoms of north India, Magadha emerged powerful and prosperous.
  • Magadha was one of the sixteen Mahajanpadas in ancient India and roughly corresponds to the modern districts of Bihar and West Bengal.
  • Rajagriha was the capital of Magadha.

Rise and Growth of Magadha Empire

Jarasandha and Brihadratha was the founder of Magadha but the growth started under the Haryankas, expansion took place under the Shishungas and Nandas and reached under its zenith point under the Mauryas.

Haryanka Dynasty

There were three important kings in Haryanaka Dynasty- Bimbisara, Ajatashatru and Udayin. Giriviraja was the earliest capital of Magadha and later shifted to Rajagriha.

Bimbisara (546 BC – 494 BC)

  • He was the first king to have standing army and contemporary to the Buddha.
  • He was the first who started matrimonial alliances to strengthen its position as a king after defeating Brahamadutta (Anga King).
  • He married to the Mahakosaladevi (princes of Koshala), Licchhavi princes Chellana and Khema (Princes of Madra clan of Punjab).
  • Marriage relation with the different princely families gave enormous diplomatic prestige and paved the way for the expansion of Magadha western and northward.
  • Pukkusati came into his court who was the ambassador of the Gandhara ruler of Taxila.
  • He sent his personal physician Jivak( son of Salavati), to his rival Chandapradyota Mahasena of Ujjain to cure him of jaundice.

Ajatasatru (494 BC – 462 BC)

  • He was the son of Chellana and Bimbisara who occupied throne by killing his father.
  • He was a contemporary of both Mahavira and Gautama Buddha.
  • He was also instrumental in convening the First Buddhist Council at Rajagriha soon after the death of Buddha.

Udayin (461 BC to 444 BC)

  • Son and successor of Ajatshatru
  • Built the fort on the confluence of the Ganga and the Son river at Patliputra (now Patna)
  • He was murder at the instigation of the king of Avanti, Palak. He was succeeding by week successors- Anuruddha, Munda and Naga-Dasak.

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