Error Detection Quiz for SSC CGL 2020-21 | Error Spotting


Error Detection Quiz for SSC CGL 2020 | Error Spotting Errors


  • As per the reports, the financial strain faced by the compeny is just a temporary phase and the company is likely to prosper
  1. Financial Compeny
  2. C) Phase Prosper
  3. E) None of these



2.) We were highly surprised to (a)/ know the fact but we were (b)/ shocked that he never (c)/ discussed about his talent. (d)/ No error (e)/



3.) Capitelismis an economic system characterized by private ownership of the means of production, especially in the industrial sector.

  1. Capitelism                                    B. Ownership
  1. Production                                   D. Industrial
  2. E. None of these



4.) She was not a very brilliant (a)/ student but a little knowledge (a)/ of management she possessed (c)/ was sufficient to get that job.(d)/ No error (e)/



5.) The difference (a)/ among these three (b)/ sisters is so less that (c)/ they can be called triplets. (d)/ No error.(e)/



6.) As soon as the thief entered (a)/ into the house, everybody (b)/ started beating him (c)/ because nobody was sleeping. (d)/ No error. (e)/



7.) I am planning to arrange a (a)/ meeting with him because (b)/ a brilliant idea has (c)/ just entered my mind. (d)/ No error. (e)/



8.) An old woman fell down and (a)/ died on the spot when the passengers (b)/ were asked to carefully (c)/ get down off the train. (d)/ No error. (e)/



9.) After a serious fight between (a)/ the two brothers, a policeman (b)/ intervened and told them that one (c)/ should not fight with one another. (d)/ No error (e)/



10.) The headquarters (a)/ of the (b)/ UNO are (c)/ New York. (d)/ No error (e)/


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