English Vocabulary for Bank po and SSC CGL | In Hindi/ English

English Vocabulary for Bank PO and SSC CGL | In Hindi/ English 



  1. Customary (Adjective) – प्रथागत
  • Definition: According to the customs or usual
  • practices associated with a particular society,
  • place, or set of circumstances.
  • Synonyms: Usual, Traditional, Normal, Conventional
  • Antonyms: Unusual, Exceptional, Rare
  • Usage: The GCC issued a customary


2. Avert (Verb) – टालना

  • Definition: Turn away (one’s eyes or thoughts).
  • Synonyms: Prevent, Stop, Avoid
  • Antonyms: Abet, Aid, Assist
  • Usage: The strong support among citizens of all countries for urgent action to avert dangerous climate change.

 3. Peg (verb) – खूंटी करना

    • Definition: An individual part of a process, series, or ranking.
    • Synonyms: Chapter, Cut, Degree, Grade, Inch
    • Antonyms: Confuse, Disarrange, Jumble
    • Usage: The UNFCCC has a long road ahead
    • before carbon emissions can be pegged at levels lagged by scientists.


4. Stark (Adjective) – निरा

  • Definition: Harsh and threatening in manner or appearance
  • Synonyms: Austere, Dour, Fierce, Flinty, Forbidding
  • Antonyms: Bland, Meek, Mellow, Soft, Soothing
  • Usage: Recently, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), in a special report, issued a stark warning on man-made emissions



  1. An emolument over and above fixed salary-


  1. The use of many words where only a few are necessary-



7.      (A) Accidentally

 (B) Accidentally

  (C) Accidantelly



    1. (A) Advertisement

      (B) Advertizement

      (C) Advartisement

      (D) Advirtizement



9.  Wrap one’s brain around

  • Meaning: Concentrate on something in an effort to understand
  • Example: I really need to wrap my brain around this concept before the exam.


10.   Zero in on something

  • Meaning: Focus all attention onto one thing
  • Example: The teacher immediately zeroed in on the weaker students of the class.















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