7th October 2020 Daily Current Affairs & Daily GK Update in English

Here we are Providing  Top 10 Current Affairs of 7th October 2020 and Daily News are the most important topics for any competitive exams with Questions & Answers for SSC, Bank & Railway Exams. So Solve daily quizzes that will help you memorize the topics.


Daily Current Affairs 7th October 2020 in English


1.What is the theme of 12th BRICS Summit?

(A) BRICS: Economic Growth for an Innovative Future

(B) BRICS Partnership for Global Stability, Shared Security and Innovative Growth

(C) BRICS in Africa: Collaboration for Inclusive Growth and Shared Prosperity in the 4th Industrial Revolution

(D) BRICS: Stronger Partnership for a Brighter Future

(E) BRICS: Building Responsive, Inclusive and Collective Solutions

Ans: 1(B)


2.What is the name of the anti-pollution campaign, launched to reduce the pollution level in Delhi?

(A) ParyavarneeySamooh

(B) ParyavaranBachao

(C) PradooshanKamkarein

(D) PradooshanKhatmkarein

(E) YudhPradushanKeVirudh

Ans:  2(E)

3.India-born Bhaskar Ghosh has been appointed as the chief strategy officer of which NYSE-listed company, headquartered in Ireland?

(A) Accenture

(B) Deloitte

(C) Capgemini

(D) Cognizant

(E) McKinsey

Ans:  3(A)


4.Recently which Foodtech major has signed an MoU with the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs or MoHUA to bring India’s street food vendors on to its online platform?

(A) Zomato

(B) Dunzo

(C) Uber Eats

(D) Swiggy

(E) foodpanda

Ans: 4(D)


5.Cricketer NajeebTarakai who died at the age of 29 after being hit by a car belongs to which international team?

(A) Afghanistan

(B) South Africa

(C) India

(D) Bangladesh

(E) Ireland

Ans: 5(A)


6.Which private space exploration firm has won a $149 million contract to build missile-tracking satellites for USA?

(A) Scaled Composites

(B) Blue Origin

(C) Virgin Galactic

(D) Bigelow Aerospace

(E) SpaceX

Ans: 6(E)


7.Who is the capital Market regulator of India, whom has revamped the product labelling on mutual fund schemes under the risk-o-meter by introducing “very high risk” category to warn investors?

(A) Reserve Bank of India

(B) Securities and Exchange Board of India

(C) Ministry of Corporate Affairs

(D) Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority

(E) Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority

Ans:  7(B)


8.With which country, India has agreed to work towards the operationalisation of the Sittwe port in the first quarter of 2021?

(A) Cambodia

(B) Laos

(C) Bhutan

(D) Myanmar

(E) Thailand

Ans: 8(D)


9.This year who has won the Nobel prize in physics for their research into black holes?

(A) Stuart Hameroff, Michel Mayor and Chuck Nice

(B) Stephen Hawking, Adam Riess and Maria Popova

(C) AsgharQadir, Simon White and Priyamvada Natarajan

(D) Paul Dirac, Jim Peebles and Lisa Randall

(E) Roger Penrose, ReinhardGenzel and Andrea Ghez

Ans: 9(E)

  1. In response to the demand of the middlemen of different mandis of the state and farmers from outside the state, which state government has opened registration on the “MeriFasal, MeraByora” portal for paddy procurement?

(A) Punjab

(B) Haryana

(C) Uttar Pradesh

(D) Bihar

(E) Madhya Pradesh


ANSWERS: – 10(B)



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